May 28, 2018

Energy Report: Full Moon in Sagittarius - It’s time to share your truth. To yourself & to the world. It’s time to allow the layers of limitation to be shed, so that your true self my shine - that essence that embodies your power, your wisdom, your love & your healing &...

May 14, 2018

Energy Report: New Moon + Uranus in Taurus. In sound healing, we look to harmonise the natural vibrations and frequencies of the body. We can get so used to hearing a note that we may not realise that it’s actually out of tune. We become so familiar with its sound that...

May 1, 2018

As we head into May, the ascension waves and upgrades we’ve been experiencing take a new form. Rather than intensely wiping us out randomly, from what felt like out of nowhere at times, the energies will become more gentle, although more consistent - acting as an on-go...

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