Chakra Balancing

Clearing and Balancing of the Body's Energy Centres

Having your Chakras balanced enhances the flow of energy around the body, clearing any blocked energy and emotions to leave you lighter, brighter, more centred and grounded.

A Chakra Balancing session activates the energy centers in the body, by placing specific and tailored vibration, intention and attention on each chakra and its location within the body. When your chakras are tuned and rebalanced to their natural vibrational frequencies, inner peace, well-being and happiness will follow.

This ancient practice acts as deep purification, transformation, and rejuvenation for the mind, body and soul, as well as activating the body’s own self-healing ability.

A Chakra Balancing session uses a combination of crystals, sound and vocal toning, mudras, guided meditation, essential oils and Reiki. As part of the session, you will receive your own personalised Chakra assessment and Chakra personality guide.

Benefits of Chakra Balancing can include:

  • Increased Energy Levels

  • Releasing of Old Burdens and Emotional Baggage

  • Better Concentration & Clarity

  • Stress Relief

  • Increased Feelings of Security & Stability

  • Inner Peace & Calm

  • Increased Confidence

  • Freeing up of Old Stuck Energy

  • Greater Feelings of Love & Nuturing

  • Alleviate Anxiety

  • Removal of Toxins

  • Better Sleep

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