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"Having had energy healing treatments and Intuitive Guidance sessions with Nicola, I can tell you that she’s the real deal. Nic blew me away with her intuitive natural ability to heal, guide and transform, whilst simultaneously holding an incredibly safe and supportive space. The transformative effects of my treatments could be felt at both a physical and energetic level and I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Jo, Yoga Teacher

"Nicola is a truly talented energy healer and Reiki practitioner. Over the last year she has been working with me to balance me and help me clear blockages. After a session I feel lighter, revitalised and more focused. Nic also has a very strong spiritual gift, so she can tune into feelings and messages. She is profoundly on point every time and I am blessed to have been treated by her."

Natasha, Marketing Director

"I worked with Nicola in two separate shamanic healing sessions - a Soul Retrieval + a Soul Illumination. Both sessions were extremely powerful and enabled me to let go of a lot of heavy and stagnant energy that had been stuck in my body since childhood. I felt so much lighter and brighter as a result and the sessions really helped me to let go of some of the blockages that had been holding me back in my life. Nicola creates a really safe space and I felt held and supported throughout the process. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Nicola if you are looking for some help working through blocks in your life - she is fantastic!"

Emily, Nutritionist

"My soul retrieval with Nicola was an absolutely incredible experience. The ritual she performed was enchanting and the journey we went on together unlocked so many secrets about myself, that once unveiled, made so much sense as to why I've been struggling to move forwards in my life and career. Since working with Nicola, there has been a noticeable energy shift and I have made big positive changes to how I live my day to day, and most importantly for me, I have gained so much confidence in moving my new business forwards. She truly has a gift. Thanks so much Nicola."

Maria, Hypnobirthing Teacher + Motherhood Coach

"Had THE best Reiki healing with Nicola. During the session I felt a clarity in my mind I haven't felt for the longest while. It was a totally gorgeous experience. I will definitely be back for more. Thank you Nic. Appreciation beyond words."

Roses, Music Artist

"Honestly Nic, I cannot thank you enough for the session & Intuitive Guidance. I feel like I am BACK for the first time in years. You are an incredible woman."

Zoe, Entertainment Director

"This was my first energy healing treatment and I can truly say what an amazing experience it was! I am a mother of two young children and don't get time for some pure relaxation. The minute Nicola placed her hands on my head, my mind suddenly switched off from the multiple tasks running through it. At the end I felt lifted and completely relaxed. Thank you Nicola, I can't wait for my next one!"

Kerrie, Hair Stylist

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