Quiet The Mind

Meditation is the practice of calming the mind.

​A regular practice can transform your mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing and allows you to access your own inner wisdom and consciousness.

Meditation is a very simple, natural practice of focusing the mind's attention. It can deliver a wealth of benefits to enhance your life experience. These include: relaxation; calm; greater clarity and creativity; better sleep and memory; increased immune function; lower blood pressure, heart rate and pain level,  hormonal balancing, overcoming addictions and unwanted behaviours and higher energy levels.

Over time it allows us more self-mastery, so that we can train ourselves to be more relaxed, have a greater detachment to thoughts and emotions, develop a greater capacity for handling stressful situations and allows us to create more happiness and success in our lives.

Private tuition and courses are available for you to learn to meditate and try different techniques to find the one that suits you:

60 mins - £30 

4 week course - £110

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