Meet the Bowls

The Specific Properties of the Individual Bowls & Collective Set  

As well as the overarching harmonising, centring, calming and relaxing qualities that this set provides, these particular bowls are an Endocrine set, focusing on balancing the body’s hormonal system and glands.


They are formed of subtly powerful energies of transformation, with the ability to transport you to a place of beauty and wonder. Their sounds help you to experience the vastness of your own being and leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised and renewed. 


Specifically they help to:

  • Help to balance the masculine & feminine energies within you

  • Help to balance hormones / endocrine system 

  • Help to balance physical body alignment

  • Aid with mineral & vitamin absorbtion

  • Achieve a better state of flow within your emotions & experiences

  • Bring in higher wisdom & your future self & future pathways

  • Anchor in light & develop the lightbody

  • Develop your spiritual growth

  • Expand your consciousness & potential

  • Develop the heart space

  • Embody loving/unconditional love energies

Androgynous Indium

F# - Thymus/ Higher Heart Chakra

This bowl works on enhancing the Androgynous Self, through the balancing and integrating of the feminine and masculine energies. This violet-hue iridescent crystal singing bowl contains Indium, a non-synthesised natural substance which facilitates vitamin and mineral absorption; balancing physical body alignment. Radiating the violet light of ascension, the Androgynous Indium bowl illumines one's Interior Life, welcoming and harmonising all aspects of Self. Embracing the physical shift to a male/female balance to bring in the expanded frequencies of Enlightenment.

Tesseract Salt Pink Aura 

G# Thyroid / Zeal Chakra

This bowl bridges the 4th dimension - the dimension of time - cleansing, calming and purifying. It helps to clear the aura, downloading geometric patterns to heal and soothe the etheric body, bringing peace and love towards the cells. Pink Aura is a high-frequency love energy resonating with the pure energy of the Magdalene. A companion of unconditional and courageous love, Pink Aura Gold resonates the enacting of all activities from a heart-centered origin - bringing in self love, helping you make peace with the rhythm of your life and helping you to get in the groove of your life. This radiant and healing love vibration guides the heart to inspire the mind. The energies of the Tesseract Salt carry the energies of the Earth’s ancient oceans and the sacred geometry of a 4th-dimensional tesseract cube to assist on our ascension pathway into the higher spiritual dimensional energies. It helps to transmute negative energies into positive ones, creating a sacred space within you.

St Germain Aura Alchemy

D# - Adrenals

This bowl works with mastering and actioning Ancient Wisdom and embodying high vibrational energy in our physical bodies, whilst clearing stress & negative emotions. The St. Germain bowls are powerful master teachers. Through this bowl comes the wisdom of ascension. It holds the energy of Divinity in action through our humanness. Grounding the insights of St Germain Alchemy to birth source energy through our physical body and the world. It is blended with Pink Aura and Platinum. Pink Aura is a high-frequency love energy resonating with the pure energy of the Magdalene. A companion of unconditional and courageous love, Pink Aura Gold resonates the enacting of all activities from a heart-centered origin.  Platinum is a Pastel rainbow elegance achieved in our yin energy. Platinum stimulates the Divine Feminine, relieves stress and depression and aligns the intuitive emotional body. This bowl unifies our astral and physical body fields in a sonic opalescent rainbow bath. It's a super harmonizer/balancer and has a calming and steadying effect for perfect attunement.


A# - Pineal Gland & Pituitary Gland

A quantum healing instrument, Indigo bridges the pituitary gland and skeletal system, clearing the mind and releasing any stress held there. Freeing our attachment to the past, Indigo awakens inherent intuitive abilities, as well as accelerating clear thinking. It invokes the master within and gives clarity to speaking one’s truth. The Indigo carries a Third Eye vibration that resonates with natural spiritual teachers & enlightened leaders, helping them to align with Earth energies. It helps you to let go of past trials and tribulations and any traumas that are in the body/DNA, including ancestral trauma. The Indigo Bowl works on your cells, RNA and DNA by revitalising it from any stress and environmental toxins you may have experienced.


F# - Thymus/ Higher Heart Chakra

A very high-frequency bowl, that acts like a portal of light. It resonates with the hexagonal sacred geometry of the Merkaba. Phenacite resonates with those who are consciously expansive or expanding and who are poised to embrace their magnificence, activate their light body and soar throughout the multi-universe. Offering a very dynamic energy for personal evolution, it helps clear obstacles to move one forward and up to the next level with lightening speed.

A# - Pineal Gland & Pituitary Gland

B - Crown Chakra

This bowl helps you master, anchor and integrate ascended teachings - bringing in higher wisdom and your higher/future self and future pathways. It also contains Pink Ocean Gold, providing the soft and nurturing embrace of our love source, with the strength of ageless wisdom, grace and healing. Pink Ocean Gold sings of the power of the heart in accomplishing a life well-lived through compassion and courage. The St. Germain bowls are powerful master teachers. Through this bowl comes the wisdom of ascension and supports the embodiment of high vibrational Source Energy within the mind and thoughts.

A most ancient and powerful talisman, used by the Egyptians to express divine vision, as an all-seeing and all-knowing eye offering expanded perception and bridging timelines. Bringing in frequencies of the sun (Ra) and Earth (Geb), integrating the spiritual and physical and providing a warm, stable energy for prayers and meditation. This bowl transmits a tiger’s strength, courage, vitality, will and encourages the right use of power. Carrying the energy of freedom from judgement, it helps to relieve anxiety and provides balance to emotional extremes. Offering prosperity and good fortune, it protects one’s resources and stimulates hope and optimism for the future. All whilst unblocking creative talents and abilities. It stimulates the vibrational realm of the Christ consciousness, offering peacefulness and beauty, an connects us with the spiritual power of the sun, as nourishment for the soul.

Tiger's Eye

St Germain Sky Alchemy

Andara Palladium

G - Throat

Andara is one of the highest vibrational crystals & is powerful in detoxing, balancing & cleansing. Its Sacred Flame also activates the heart and burns away any obstacles that keep you from living fully in your heart. Found in Mt Shasta, Andara vibrates with Lemurian energy and supports multi-dimensional travel and inter-stellar communications. It raises raise our vibrations to access universal knowledge & connect with the higher realms. Palladium gives the energy of guardianship on the highest frequency. It empowers the inhabiting of higher consciousness, whilst remaining in the fullness of grounding. It encourages courageous action and undoing of outdated conditioning, providing impetus in the transformation of one’s life. Palladium represents Athena, the goddess of wisdom, the arts and enterprise and provides the energies to further pursuits in these areas & to inspire triumph. It assist in the retrieval of ancient & hidden and sacred wisdom, providing access & furthering one's ‘translation’ capabilities. Stimulating the electrical energy within the body, it aids the alignment between the physical and ethereal body, and moderates emotional intensity.

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