Rebalance - The Energy Management Experience

A bespoke half-day retreat just for you.

The Rebalance experience allows you to take time out from your busy schedule into a place of calm where you can centre, clear and rebalance your energies, so that you can feel recharged, refreshed and reenergised.

As well as receiving a variety of energy healing treatments, you will also learn the crucial skill of energy management – so that you can ground, protect, clear, balance and raise your energy yourself, on a daily basis.

The retreat is a four-hour session using a blend of guidance, mentoring and energy management tools and techniques that will help you to rebalance.

Examples of the tools and techniques can include meditations, visualisations, Reiki, sound healing, chakra balancing, breathwork, mantra and crystal healing, amongst others.  

Please get in touch for more information.

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