Shamanic Soul healing

Private Shamanic Healing Sessions 

Soul Retrieval Session

Shamanic Healing

When something traumatic happens in our lives we often cut off and shut off a part of our soul in order to survive. At the same time, we make a contract with life that will keep us safe. However, this splintering off of part of the soul leaves us feeling incomplete. 

Soul Retrieval helps to collect a part of the soul that we have left behind along our journey - perhaps in this lifetime or in a past life. We undertake a mythical journey to seek the original wound, the contract we made at the time and the lost soul part that we left behind. 


We re-write that contract and negotiate with the lost soul part what it needs from us to be safe to re-enter our lives and helps us towards wholeness. We also visit the chamber of gifts to retrieve a soul gift and meet with a power animal to help you in the current stage of your soul's journey. You will also receive a written guide on how to welcome and integrate the lost soul part within your being. 

Includes karmic + ancestral crystal healing.

60- 90 mins - £122

Soul Illumination

Shamanic Healing

Illuminations help to clear limiting beliefs that are imprinted into your energy field that are causing a repeated negative pattern or blocks in your life.

Only by eliminating the wound from the energy field can the original suffering be released. Our conscious mind may be unaware of this suffering, as it may have happened many, many years ago, (or even in a past life, whose karma we have carried ever since).


That memory is carried in the unconscious mind, within our tissues and at an energetic level and continues to impact our lives until the energetic imprint is cleared from our auric field and replaced with healing light. We journey to illuminate the source of the wound + limiting belief to release it once and for all.

Includes karmic + ancestral crystal healing.

60 - 90 mins - £111  

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