Illusions, Illusions, Illusions

November 20, 2016


I L L U S I O N S. Often the most lies we tell are to ourselves. We don't want others to deceive us but we do it to ourselves. Why?

Neptune the planet of dreams and illusions has just turned direct after 5 months of retrograde; ending a phase where we may have over romanticized situations or allowed ourselves to avoid or escape dealing with things. With Neptune direct there is no more avoiding the obvious.

Sometimes it's hard to see how things are, instead of how we want them to be. It can be overwhelming or confusing. Should that person be on that pedestal or have you projected ideals on to them in your head? Are you actually happy with a certain situation or are you refusing to see it for what it really is?

We can now see the truth of situations. The truth of who we are, what we really want and need and what we need to let go of or build more of. Lift the veil. See things for how they really are. Embrace the reality. Own it. For you can create and change it as you wish.

Where are the illusions in your life? What insights can you take from them? How can you use them to help you to grow? Step into your truth, for there is treasure to be found.

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