Valuing Ourselves

January 29, 2017


V A L U E. Most of us know how important it is to value ourselves. Our level of self-worth being crucial to our level of self-esteem. How much you value yourself and your level of self-worth comes down to you. When we look outside ourselves for external validation or allow other people or situations to impact our self-worth and value we give away our power.

One way to stay in your power and ensure you have a firm foundation for your self-worth is to be fully aware of what you are valuing about yourself and defining this. Ask why you value something and try to understand your attitude towards your self. Are you valuing yourself against expectations of others? Are you valuing a cultural norm that might actually be dysfunctional?

For example, saying 'I value keeping in shape' - is this because it pleases you? Or because you like to keep healthy? Or does it involve a hidden reason, because you think this is what you need to be to attract a potential partner?

Do you value yourself differently in different situations or in relation to different people in your life? For true self-empowerment it's crucial to question and be aware of how and why you are valuing yourself in certain ways.

Often this can bring to light any limiting beliefs that you may have picked up over your life experiences and interactions.

Try listing out ten things you value about yourself and beside each one write all the reasons why. Keep asking why until you've exhausted the reasons. More often than not, you'll find common themes across many of the items and can gain a clear perspective on what truly motivates and is important to you.

Not only understanding how you value yourself but the motivations and beliefs behind them is hugely powerful. This goes for what you value in life.

One way to do this is to understand the values you live by and rank them in order of importance to you. That way you create a value system that easily allows you to make decisions that are true to you and align your life to live authentically.

Nobody gets to determine your value but you. Stay in your power.

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