The Renewal of Self

August 20, 2017


S E L F - R E N E W A L. The constant evolution of self is what infuses us with vitality in this journey we call life.

Our capacity to learn and grow can often be ignored as we age or reach our comfort zone but is actually vital to a fulfilling existence.
The prolific social science writer John W. Gardner wrote: "Renewal is not just innovation and change. It is also the process of bringing the results of change into line with our purposes. When our forebears invented the motor car, they had to devise rules of the road. Both are phases of renewal."

Our long-term purposes and values enable us to create change without losing our identity and character. They ensure we will not be knocked off course by any wind that blows. As Gardner says it is a constant "interweaving of continuity and change and the only stability possible in this life is stability in motion.

"We can keep ourselves so busy, fill our lives with so many diversions, stuff our heads with so much knowledge, involve ourselves with so many people that we never have time to probe the fearful and wonderful world within."

Getting to know ourselves - the good and the not so good - and allowing ourselves to acknowledge, accept, sit with, observe, allow, feel, work through, learn from and release our shadow sides and behaviours, thought patterns or beliefs that no longer serve us, ensures that we do not become strangers to ourselves but truly embrace the empowering opportunity for genuine and fulfilling self-renewal.

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