Choosing Our Feelings

December 18, 2017


F E E L I N G S. We spend the most amount of time and money on trying to feel good. Be that a holiday, a shopping spree, a new car, a new job, a new love - all short-term highs that wear off. Why?

Because you can’t buy feelings. You create them. Inside of you. How? The Three C’s:

1. CHOOSE how you want to feel
2. CREATE that feeling from inside of you and project it out
3. CULTIVATE it every day - e.g. daily affirmations, intentions, visualisations, music, mindfulness. Anything that helps you create that feeling inside.

Want love? Feel and be love every day. Want to be happy? Smile and choose to emanate it from your core. Embody the feeling and you will become feeling.

You hold the power to choose positive feelings. Choose wisely.

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