Energies Update - 2018

December 30, 2017


2 0 1 8  G U I D A N C E. A powerful year is about to unfold - an 11 Master year, in which our life purpose awakens. Master numbers possess great potential for learning, growth and major transformations. We’ve done a lot of clearing in 2017, ready for this next phase. The words below from @_shunanda_ feel so on point, that it felt only right to share them with you! 

The key energy for 2018 is AUTHENTICITY, along with vulnerability, openness and change. You will be asked to step away from the same old ways of dealing with things and find YOUR truth - no matter how vulnerable this makes you feel.

If you can stay open and do things a new way, you will find that abundance flows to you in all areas. If you feel blocked, ask yourself where you are controlling or holding on to old ways of thinking.

If you walk towards your truth in 2018, you will have the potential to experience miracle energy, incredible expansion, prosperity and joy.

Love is a strong theme for 2018, with existing relationships deepening to new levels and new relationships manifesting.

However, this magic will only appear to you when you are open, vulnerable and taking risks. If you fall back into old habits of being safe and closing off your heart chakra, you will face the same old blocks and feelings of being stuck.

Your limiting beliefs need to be smashed in 2018, as your core message is YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.....If you have faith!

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