The Attitude of Gratitude

January 10, 2018


So bloody thankful for the recent flurry of insights and clarity I’ve been receiving recently regarding my path and next stage of my journey.

After months of foggy, hazy, “I can’t quite see”, “you’re not supposed to know yet”-ness; things are starting to become clear. Surrending, patience and trust is starting to pay off, (though not my strongest points).

When my guidance comes through, it then tends to get repeated via a variety of sources. It may start as an innate knowing or intuitive feeling when I see, read or hear something, an insight from a meditation, dream or journaling session but more often than not it is, what I can only describe as, a flurry of downloads from my higher self and channelling of my guides.

That insight, guidance, theme or phrase is then repeated to me in a variety and combination of forms, all in a short space of time from my guides - helping to build the energy around it. For example: a song, a magazine article, a social media post, a random person talking/being interviewed, (thanks to this week’s unlikely messenger, Liam Gallagher), specific oracle cards, a picture or seeing a feather whilst I’m thinking about it.

These last two weeks have brought an abundance of downloads, guidance, insights and clarity - which I’m grateful AF for. A big thanks also to @soma_space for the tip-off and reminder to keep up with my Lakshmi mantra, which is delivering an abundance of clarity. Thank you one and all - for everything. Here’s to divine timing.

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