Energies Update - Ascension & Sensitivity

December 26, 2016


S E N S I T I V I T Y. I've been drawn to share a message about sensitivity today. The festive holidays can be joyous but sometimes stressful - however there is something bigger going on at the moment, which many sensitive souls and empaths are currently feeling.

This is a powerful consciousness shifting period & we're in the most intense stage of it. As I've mentioned in other posts, 2016 is the end of a nine year cycle of evolution and we're drawing to completion. This completion is currently being accelerated by huge waves of light and solar flares coming in to elevate the collective consciousness and guide us to a period of renewal and rebirth. A time of ascension. 

It's been happening since 2015, however a dramatic shift of energy started this September and is intensifying between December 25 - Jan 4, with the amount of surges becoming more frequent.

The universal energies for our experiences are changing, creating shifts and unions with our higher selves and more heart centred living. Invite it in, ascend and step into a new stage of profound empowerment, evolution and authenticity.

Your body will start to hold these new energies but at first it can make you feel groggy, off-balance, fuzzy, anxious or tired. The more open we are to expand into these new frequencies, the gentler the process. To help, try:

– Meditation or being still twice a day
– Sunlight - even though a window!
– Grounding - walks in nature, being calm & centred, rest, reiki, crystals
-Hydrate - water, water, water & high vibrational/clean foods
– Exercise - gentle movement, stretching and yoga

Flow with it. Embrace it. You will rise and merge into your higher self, your inner wisdom and heart centre. You have learned the lessons and cleared the fears - the old reality no longer applies. Your attachment to the past, who you were and the future/where you were going, all drop away.

Trust the new process. Be grateful for your sensitivity, for you help bring the light. Accept and breathe into your heart centre. As the late George Michael said: "You'll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart".

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