Energies Update - Release

December 23, 2016


R E L E A S E. There have been some deep energy shifts happening this week, gently but powerfully transforming us beneath the surface for 2017. We're coming to the end of a nine cycle of growth (2016) and into a cycle of new beginnings (2017).

Because of this we're shifting timelines, with an acceleration of learnings and experiences over the past three months. Anything that is no longer serving us is being called on subconsciously to be released - beliefs, identities, people, situations, jobs.

What is coming through strongly is a return to our true selves. A move to authenticity. And an embrace of our inner child.

Any fear related to our inner child is coming up now for healing. Acknowledge it, feel it fully and listen to what your inner child is trying to say or what they need. Take on the lesson and then let it go. This is where the transformation happens.

We can overcome our pain, our wounds, our challenges - this is where we find our strength, our lessons, our compassion and our wisdom.

What have you overcome and transformed this year? What do you still need to release? Honour who you truly are and who you want to be - allow the full glorious force of you to take centre stage in the world.

You have come so far, not only over the last nine years but in the last 12 months and the last 3 months. The stage is being set for each of our next acts. Surrender, release and get ready to step into your spotlight special one.

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