Feminine & Masculine Energies

January 25, 2017



F E M I N I N E & M A S C U L I N E. Very much on the agenda currently given recent world events. It’s easy for us to think in polarities given how modern society defines ‘man’ and ‘woman’ and what is ‘acceptable’ for both.

Of course, we have distinct differences, for example biological and hormonal, that should always be celebrated but not at the expense of the other. Not at expense of division - and not just socio-political division. Division of self. When it comes to our spirit, our soul energies, we all embody both the divine masculine and divine feminine energies.

Society has long sought to separate and define the male and the female - qualities like rational thinking, courage and action are associated with the male and the qualities of nurturing, passivity and patience with the female. Expecting us to exclusively associate with those qualities of our biological nature and rank us on society’s scale. Therein, lies the imbalance and injustice.

For all of us have both masculine and feminine energies within us. Carl Jung taught this, with his observations of human psychology – describing the hidden male within the female as Animus and the hidden female within the male as Anima. And wider psychology too, with the definition of the right and left brain as masculine and feminine.

Like the Yin and Yang symbol, we are comprised of opposing forces in delicate balance. When we have too much, not enough or identify with one energy over another, we feel and further that imbalance. In ourselves and across the world.

We have been given many prominent figures to challenge our ideas and ideals around gender – for example, David Bowie, Prince and George Michael all are considered as bringers of new templates of masculinity. @madonna, @aliciakeys two examples for femininity.

Integrating both the divine masculine and feminine energies within you creates an incredible and authentic power and ultimate balance of self. We often live in polarity depending on situations, perhaps leaning more on our masculine energy for work and feminine energy for relationships but when the energies are truly integrated and present across all of your life situations, a beautiful alchemy occurs. This is when you become your true self. This is when you are naturally able to overcome obstacles and allow life and abundance to flow to you with ease.

Here is a simple exercise to start to work with these energies:

· Sit and close your eyes gently and take three deep breaths

· Feel into the left side of your body - notice any fullness or emptiness that might be present

· Feel into the right side of your body – notice any fullness or emptiness there

· Now imagine a shower head above you. In front of you there are knobs for masculine and feminine ‘water.’ Turn both on and allow it to flow over and into you

· Notice how the water easily reaches some places but perhaps resisted in others - invite those resisting areas to open and allow the flow of these energies

· Now imagine you are completely full of the divine masculine and feminine water. Allow the energies to mix from side to side and top to bottom. Notice the feeling of fullness.

So lets celebrate the feminine. Lets celebrate the masculine. Lets celebrate them integrating harmoniously not only on earth but in ourselves. Because this is what creates true divinity.










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