Play Time

November 7, 2016


P L A Y. Often we forget the importance of play. We're so busy with life and taking it so seriously that we don't make time for fun. Yes, fun!

Reaching for our goals can consume our every waking thought and weigh heavy. However, approaching life with humour and joy can lighten this load and help you enjoy the journey.

In this space we connect to our inner child and sense of wonder. We experience the sheer, pure joy available to us when we allow ourselves to switch off. This is an important exercise to create balance and recharge your energy and spirit. It connects you to your inner self and creates a space to allow new knowing and inspiration to you.

Experiencing life on another, playful level, allows new perspectives to flow to you with ease. Have you forgotten how to play? What is stopping you from being more playful? Let your worries go, let yourself loose and play. You'll be surprised by the magic it brings!

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