Trusting The Process

April 19, 2017


T R U S T. I've been a little quiet on here recently as I'm going through some changes. Some big life changes. I've quit a my job in marketing & am currently without a permanent residence, after the seller of a house I bought pulled out last minute.

I'm fighting a lot of fear and a lot of other people's judgements as to the decisions I am making but you know what? I'm being true to me. I'm doing me. At my very core I know I need a change. That voice within me has been ignored for too long. It's now getting louder and the need to be more fulfilled is getting stronger.

So I've taken a leap of faith. I've resigned so I can spend more time doing what I love and just living. I'm searching for a new place to call home. A new beginning. A new dawn. Trusting my inner knowing. Trusting my intuition. Blending it with logical and planning but allowing my heart to lead my heart.

There's no clear destination in sight right now, I'm not sure exactly where it'll all take me. But I'm going to try and enjoy the journey. Blocking out others opinions and following my joy. Flowing not forcing. And all the time making sure I breathe and meditate and don't get caught up in fear that keeps trying to rattle me. I'm trusting myself, I'm trusting the universe. Let the magic happen.

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