Ascension Symptoms - Rest

January 17, 2018


R E S T. Middle of the week and it can feel like we’re in the thick of it. When we think of getting through our to-do-list and being productive, how often do we think about taking time out to produce more energy for ourselves to rejuvenate?

This used to be a big thing of mine - feeling guilty for resting. I always felt the need to be doing something, producing and progressing. It took me time to realise that producing a refreshed and recharged body and mind was just as important as all of my work, projects or life admin. Now it’s become my No 1 priority.

January’s energies are full on as it’s a key ascension period with two full moons, including an eclipse & a new moon. This means our energy levels and vibrational frequencies are getting upgraded and raised higher. It’s a time of powerful awakenings and timeline shifts, as that which no longer serves us is starting to be released.

Some of us may be suffering from Ascension symptoms that typically appear and disappear quickly - cold/flu, stomach issues/nausea, feeling dizzy, headaches, changes in appetite or temperature, frequently waking in the night & greater sensitivity to light, sound or people are just a few symptoms.

If you’re feeling like this, be gentle with yourself, rest, get into nature, ground yourself, keep hydrated, use crystals or essential oils or try a salt bath. Rejuvenation is emerging not far behind!

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