Energy Update - January

January 21, 2018


Can you feel it? The energies this week have been quite something. We had a big new moon in Capricorn on Tuesday, which brought in huge new energies. It has led to some of us feeling a bit disorientated, as old stagnant energy is being released.

We’re now moving into a time of action - all planets are direct right now and will be until March. Use this energy wisely and work and plan towards what you want to manifest in your world.

Next up is the full moon eclipse in Leo on the 31st. Another huge window of change. Things will start to shift but may not fully unveil themselves for another 6 months.

It can feel like we’ve been in a holding pattern or pulled back over the last few months but we’re now going to be propelled forward. So it’s important to know the direction we want to go in. Relax and allow these changes. Bigger and brighter things are coming! 

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