Nurturing Yourself

January 28, 2018



N U R T U R I N G.  Some interesting articles about the energy of nurturing caught my eye this week, which was reinforced by a conversation on the same theme with my close and beautiful friend @calmmutha. Often we can find ourselves focusing on nurturing others so much that we can forget about ourselves.

When you nurture yourself, you will eventually become so overflowed with love and joy that you will be able to better aid in the nurturing and healing of others - except now it will be from the overflow, not the last drops.

Sometimes our need to nurture others can be based in an underlying need to nurture our own inner child. Making time to talk to your inner child, to ask them what they need and how you can help them, can be hugely powerful and emotionally beneficial.

Consciously nurturing yourself on a daily basis, allows you to tend to the needs of others in a healthier way. It’s helpful to reflect on the way you nurture yourself. Do you take the time to allow pleasure and healing into your life? Or do you neglect it in fear of unworthiness?

Allow yourself to reclaim your ability to truly receive pleasure and nurturing and hold it in your body and accept it as your own. You are so deserving.

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