What is Ascension?

February 4, 2018


A S C E N S I O N. What is Ascension? The planet is currently undergoing a big shift in energy and this is resulting in all sorts of changes both on a personal and collective level.


This has been happening for a while but 2018 has seen a rapid acceleration of this process, leaving many of us feeling these energetic changes on a deep level.


Ascension is the process of raising our vibration and expanding our consciousness. This allows us to embody more light and become more aware of the higher realms both internally and externally. Ultimately allowing our lives to unfold with more ease, peace, love, joy and abundance. 

The process involves purifying & cleansing our thoughts & emotions, choosing loving actions and becoming more aware of the higher realms both internally and externally. It’s not about rising up from our physical bodies but moving from lower to higher vibes.


Every thought, word, emotion and action is a vibration that creates our aura. As you raise your vibration you will glow, shimmer and radiate; feeling joy, unconditional love and oneness.


As we become more open to spiritual matters and unconditional love, we are moving up a gear and into higher dimensions. And this is being accelerated by planetary shifts, as the Earth raises its frequency. 


The Schumann Resonance, measures the electromagnetic field of the Earth and recently went through a major acceleration, that researchers cannot explain.


Schumann Resonance has been at a natural and consistent frequency of 7.83 Hz for thousands of years. In June 2014, there was a sudden increase in activity; with a varied elongation from 8.5 Hz to 16.5 Hz. 


More recently, other peaks have been detected, increasing the planet's frequency to more than 30 Hz. This means that the planet is going through a great period of transition, as it adjusts its frequency of vibration, which we can feel.


So both the planet and ourselves are experiencing these vibrational changes - moving from lower to higher. During this, some of us can experience, what is termed as, 'Ascension Symptoms', which appear and disappear quickly for no seemingly rational reason. For example, feeling disorientated or dizzy, feeling lethargic with a big need to sleep/waking up lots in the night, changes in appetite and temperature, having headaches, greater sensitivity to light or sound or people. 


It is key at these times to be gentle with your physical body and listen to what it needs. If it needs to sleep, let it. If it needs more water and less food, go with it. Most Ascension Symptoms are just a releasing of toxic energy from the system. Getting your energy flowing through the body can help and can be passive through holding a crystal, self-healing or Reiki or moving the body.


As part of ascension, your karma needs to be balanced. Karma is a balance sheet of your good and bad thoughts, words and deeds recorded over lifetimes.


When your karma is finally balanced you receive instant karma – everything you send out (thoughts, actions, emotions, words), is brought back to you instantly and ensures that outer circumstances in your life accurately reflect what is going on internally. It demands that we look into the mirrors that are presented to us in life and change ourselves, not these reflections (people, events, actions).


The exceptions to this are:


  • Past-life contracts with people, which must be honoured.

  • Soul contracts that agree to face a difficult situation for one’s spiritual growth/mission. This again must be honoured.

  • Life tests, set by our Guides to strengthen our weak areas. These can be presented to us as challenging relationships, financial situations or difficulties at work.


In order to ascend, we need to fulfil the purpose we undertook for this life on Earth. Some of us have an inner knowing of what this is. Some of us may need to access this blueprint via meditation. Getting your full natal astrology chart is another way you access this blueprint.


If you’re not on your life path, then it is important that you make decisions and take actions that will get you onto it. On some occasions, if you haven’t made the moves and are not to the timeline you are supposed to be on to fulfil your purpose, the universe will give you a nudge. This could be a relationship or job ending unexpectedly, for example.


So it’s useful when challenges arise in your life, to reframe your perspective and think of them as opportunities to strengthen yourself and fulfil your higher potential. The longer we procrastinate, the slower our pathway.


At this time on Earth, waves of ascension are taking place. Astrology and astronomy can be useful places to find out what is happening within our solar and celestial system and how the energies are affecting the planet.


There is talk of 2018, and particularly Spring, being a key shift in mass spiritual awakening and consciousness. More and more people are opening up to the wider energies and realising that we are souls having a human experience. Just look at the boom and love for crystals right now. People are remembering their inner wisdom and raising their vibe – how many times have you seen #goodvibesonly over the past year?!


And we have invisible helpers around us such as Angels, Ascended Masters and Guides, who are able to help us navigate these energies and develop on our personal journey.


This year is a huge opportunity for spiritual growth. If you wish to take advantage of the incredible opportunities for the spiritual development of your soul, keep focused on your intention and desire to say, think and do everything from the highest and purest motivation.


If you are interested in learning more about Ascension, how to raise your vibrational frequency and build you Light Body, Ascended Masters and your guides – please subscribe to my newsletter (go to the Contact Page), as I will be announcing details of Ascension workshops, tutorials and programmes soon. 



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