Energy Update: Healing & The Sacral Chakra

February 6, 2018


Anyone been feeling a bit like this? Lots of stuff might be coming up over this ascension portal following the eclipse, as we try and work through releasing lower energies that show up.

People you know may need some space to process what they’re going through. And you may need to ensure that you are allowing yourself to feel into these feelings, so that they can work themselves through.

Healing is done in layers. That’s why we often have the same situation and experiences come around again and again in different guises with different people.

“I thought I’d dealt with that?!”, I would often say but an issue comes back around for deeper awareness of its lessons and deeper clearing. We continue through the healing spiral until there is no energetic spark left to trigger us and the lesson is learnt.

Lots of energies related to the Sacral chakra are getting triggered now, as our masculine and feminine polarities in us become more integrated and balanced.

And clearing and upgrades are also coming into this centre to enhance our ability to nurture, express and manifest our ideas and desires, as well as working through fears and boundaries with others.

By acknowledging and accepting these energies and issues, we can gain greater awareness to what they’re trying to tell or show us.

In honouring what comes up, we can then allow it to transform into a higher form. Not always done overnight or painlessly but the transformation is always worth it in the end.

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