Energy Update: February Aquarius New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse

February 14, 2018


Energies Update: This evening around 8/9pm GMT the partial solar eclipse and new moon in Aquarius will take place, followed by the start of the Chinese New Year (Dog) tomorrow.


This celestial event will have an impact on our energies and lives that will continue to play out until July/August of this year. Far reaching new beginnings and new timelines, moving into our purpose, our true path, becoming our authentic self - all with greater ease – are the themes of this moon.


The last eclipse in January was about bringing to light and releasing all that no longer serves us, including our own patterns of behaviour and shadow selves – the parts of us that aren’t fully integrated. These last few weeks have been rough for sure but we need to allow ourselves to release what is holding us back. And not hold on.


We’re being asked to open up our heart space, to expand it and make that journey from the ego to the heart and the soul. More heart centred being, thinking and feeling. Feel your heart. Feel your light. It is always there.


We’re being asked to take on more light and raise our vibration. That’s why lower vibrational energy and situations have been coming up to be released. This eclipse is near the South Node, which represents the past and the things we need to let go off, so we will feel an emptying out effect. (Your North Node in your astro chart points out the what your soul wants to learn, master and experience in this lifetime). What ultimately doesn’t matter on your life path can tend to unravel during these types of eclipses, so that we can align ourselves with what does.


This can be uncomfortable but know that this is ok. Learning to sit with what is uncomfortable, difficult and emotional is powerful. We can’t always be sure of how to grow, evolve and expand gracefully – and that’s ok, we just need to surrender to the process and let it unfold how it needs to. Residing in a higher perspective that all is well and for the highest good of all involved.  


Shifts need to be made to move into this higher state of being and onto new timelines. The sun is bringing new waves of higher vibrational light to fill that space. They are activating our ancient light codes – higher vibes; helping us to connect with our innate higher wisdom and allowing us to remember who we are at our core being, our essence.


You may feel have already felt a shift or will be feeling it in the forthcoming days, weeks and months - that which was previously a challenge, will now become accessed with greater ease.


As you move into these higher energies and onto new timelines over the next 6 months, you will feel your soul’s potential, a sense of purpose, a sense of knowing and a greater sense of trusting how your life is unfolding moment to moment, with a realisation from a higher perspective that your intentions and vision can be brought to life.


Embrace the unknown, that not yet experienced. As you transform your frequency, you will transform your experiences. Things may feel dormant right now but they will begin to accelerate. Allow what needs to go, go. And follow your heart. Follow your soul. Follow your light.


This is the start of a six-month activation of higher frequencies; activating positive shifts and changes in your life, delivering personal expansion and greater awareness and alignment of the true you and your soul’s path. Set positive and loving intentions and embrace this powerful time of possibilities. 

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