Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

February 25, 2018


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…It’s often said that the people in our lives are either a lesson or a blessing. That lesson can sometimes be all too obvious. But sometimes it’s more subtle. We can find ourselves in a pattern of attracting similar people and situations into our lives – but why?


We are creating all of the time, whether we’re conscious of it or not. The universe is constantly reflecting back to us what we’re creating and becoming – i.e. our own qualities, beliefs, actions or hurts in the form or people or situations = our mirrors.


When you have multiple mirrors then you know that you are being asked to give attention to something – to make us conscious of what we’re creating or experiencing; in order for us to know and gain self-mastery.


When we learn the lesson of these people/situations and heal that part of ourselves/address something internally; we stop attracting it into our lives. When we don’t, the universe gives us the same lesson in different versions, over and over again, until we master it.


A simple way to understand what’s being reflected back to you is to understand how the situation or person makes you feel. For a deeper understanding, The 7 Mirrors tool championed from Gregg Braden, from Essene wisdom is very useful.


It goes way back to the Essene Tests,

and is called the Seven Essene Mysteries of Self – used to explain relationships and how we function in this world. (The Essenes are an ancient brotherhood of divinely illuminated beings who believed they were here to share enlightenment with the planet. They were strong advocates of self-mastery and heart-based living).


These Mirrors are:


1. Reflecting That Which We Are - Something we ourselves are doing or where we have been in error or wounded. It reflects your true beliefs. When you are able to identify the core belief, you will be able to heal from the negative pattern affecting your life.

2. Reflecting That Which We Judge - Something we have an emotional charge with, either been wounded by in the past & have not forgiven. If we judge and condemn with an emotional charge, we will attract exactly what we judge into our lives.

3. Reflecting Something That We Lost, Gave Away, or had Taken
Away - When we see something we love and desire in another, it is often something we have lost, given away or had stolen in our own lives. Every relationship is a relationship with self and often we try to reclaim what we once had – e.g. love, joy, innocence, courage, honesty. But instead of through others, we are able to reclaim within ourselves. You are able to gain the insight that you have been on the search for wholeness and that you have created situations to fill the missing gaps. 


4. Reflecting Back Our Most Forgotten Love - This could be a way of life or a lost or unfinished relationship. In this life or a past life. These will recreate themselves over and over until the right conclusion is obtained.

5. Reflecting back Mother/Father – this is often the same relationship we have with our Mother or our Father. Or it is us becoming them and acting out their same patterns of behaviour.

6. Reflecting the Dark Night of The Soul/Quest for Darkness – this is when we meet our greatest challenges, our greatest fears and have been gathering the tools and understandings in life to confront them. These experiences the universe delivers are never more than we can handle. This can also be the repressed parts of ourselves that we have condemned – our Shadow Selves. Once we own this, deep healing can take place.


7. Reflecting Our Self-Perception - others will perceive and treat us according to how we perceive and treat ourselves. If we have a low self-esteem, that will be reflected back to use. If we are angry, bitter and unloving to others, they in turn will often react in the same way
towards us. If we change our perception of ourselves, we change our experiences and reality. Through the mirror, we are to learn about accepting ourselves as we are. We learn about being compassionate towards self. Within any perceived imperfections, we are able to see our perfection. We are complete at the soul-level.


Remember, the mirrors are there to offer you an opportunity to understand and see yourself more clearly. The more aware and conscious we are of what we’re creating, the easier the flow of life and better understanding, soul integration and self-mastery we obtain. 



Picture Credit - Kimberely Gordon




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