Energy Update: Full Moon - 2nd March 2018

February 27, 2018

There’s an old song that goes “Please Release Me, Let Me Go…” - Well, this certainly has been the theme of late. We've been experiencing streams of things that are not in alignment with us - who we really are and the next stage of our journey – coming up to be addressed and released.


For some of us it might be a job that is no longer working for us, a relationship that is no longer healthy, a location that has served its purpose or an issue within us, (that we may not have even been away of), coming up to in order for us to say goodbye once and for all. 


And after no full moon in February – the powerful cyclical time in nature of culmination and releasing all that no longer serves us – one arrives at the start of March, on Friday 2nd March at 00.52pm GMT, to help us do just that. Followed by a second one at the end of the month, to complement the powerful time for new beginnings with the Spring Equinox on March 20th.


A lot of you will be feeling the energies already and with 4 planets in Pisces, know that it is already a very heightened time of emotions and sensitivities. Go gentle with yourselves and rest and relax as much as you can. Save your energies for now.


This full moon is in Virgo – ruler of health and work. So this influence is likely to highlight both areas. Especially how one affects the other – if your service to others is costing your mental, emotional or physical health, then you may find that this comes up to be addressed!


Your wellbeing and health may also want an audit. Routines and habits may need to be reviewed to understand if they are truly feeding and nourishing your energy and wellbeing or draining them. Any addictions or addictive behaviour will also need attention. 


Virgo also represents the Priestess/Priest archetype, so this is a good time to reflect on that which is not aligned with your life purpose and/or diminishes your light and sacred power – boundaries are a must!


There’s been a huge amount of levelling up in our vibration, light and energies since the last Super Blood Moon. I know quite a few of us have really felt this and, at times, really struggled with it. However, real shifts are happening within us and around us, to release lower energies and things that are holding us back. That no longer serve a purpose. That were only meant to serve us on a certain part of our journey.


The heavy layers are being stripped off from around us and within us. We’re becoming lighter and brighter and more balanced. We’re seeing things more clearly, understanding the truth of who we are and what we’re here to do. Things are unfolding nicely.


We may not see it but we can feel it and we can trust it. Things are working in our favour. We just need to keep doing the work on ourselves and let the things go that have we been carrying, consciously or unconsciously to live in our highest potential and give ourselves the highest experience possible.


Trust your intuition, trust your gut. It’s normally that quiet feeling, that quite knowing or nod to what needs to be done. The ego mind will try and shout it down and rationalise it and use fear to hold us in the same state. But don’t allow it to - 2018 is the year of reconstruction, of transformation.


We need to clear the land of all that will not create a firm and solid foundation for the life we want to create and live. We are the master builders and creators of our lives, our dreams and our destinies. Keep clearing, keep creating. Trust the process. You got this.


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