Energy Update - w/c March 12th & 19th

March 11, 2018

Energy Update - W/C 12th March & 19th March. March has seen building up intensely in energy as we head into the New Moon (17th) and the Spring Equinox (20th).

You can see from the chart below, how the energy will be building from the solar flares and geomagnetic storms in the Cosmos.


So we’ll be feeling increasing activity and energetic pulses coming in from the Sun - flooding the planet & ourselves with more light and higher frequencies.

This helps create within us a crystalline structure - activating this light within our subtle energy bodies and our physical bodies through our chakra system.

Your 12+ chakra system & your auric field are the gateways to taking on these higher frequencies.

We will all experience this process in different ways & at different times, according to our own needs & our individual chakras/energy systems - so please be allowing of your own natural flow.

Your higher self has this in hand, so it’s best not to try and control it but simply flow with the experience and allow the light to clear, upgrade, refine and illuminate.

On those days when those energies have integrated, it is a wonderfully expansive, effervescent and delicious state of being and consciousness!

I appreciate that on the other days, these activations can be intense and exhausting! And many of us have been experiencing this on the 14th, when the solar flares kicked in and the energy intensity started to increase and level up - leaving many of us feeling disorientated and wiped out.

There will be little integration time from the Cosmos over the next two weeks, so we will need to make time for our own integration & focus on self-care.

We know from the last few months as this energy has flooded in that it can make us a little wonky and we can feel disorientated, sleepy, nauseous, experience greater sensitivity, headaches or flu-like symptoms.


Check out my mini guide to Ascension self-care on the blog for tips on how to help manage these energies.

Much gentleness is needed now – to ourselves and each other. Remember to honour your body and your own experiences and allow yourself to rest regularly and receive the love and light you need ✨



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