Intuitive Insights - March Downloads

March 13, 2018


The intuitive insights or ‘downloads’ that I receive have been proving popular, so I’ve been asked to start sharing more of them. As you’ll have picked up by now, March has been intensely energetic and will continue to be.


Because of this, I've been receiving a huge amount of downloads/ transmissions regarding these energies, so I have captured them all in place for you to digest at your leisure.



About March:


“What we want to say about March is that you might get mad but it’s about to get even more fun and joyful on the Soul plane.

“Preparing the ground for you to take flight. This isn’t a time to focus on misalignment. You are accustomed to turbulence whilst flying. Don’t allow it to dominate your vibration whilst travelling.

“Instead focus on the paradise that awaits you. Your paradise is coming. Though safety checks are needed. What are you bringing? There is only so much baggage one can take before it weighs you down.

“Choose wisely what accompanies you on the next stage of your journey. This is a time to be conscious of that choice, in all regards.

“Step by step. Do not be mad at the process, for the paradise awaits, if you seek it so. Seek it.”




About the Snow/Recent Freezing Weather Conditions in the UK:


“The snow was needed to make sure you would all rest and retreat and integrate these new energies. We needed you all to slow you down, there are major shifts happening. You’re all just busy, busy, busy all of the time and you don’t make time just to be. These updates and upgrades of light have been intense and much realising has been needed.

“So things had to slow down. Frustrating for your human selves. But pure joy for your souls. We needed also to remind you of the importance of Gaia and Mother Nature and remind people of the greater power that exists and connects us all.

“We are all unified and connected at soul level and needed you to remember that connection, especially, with grace, towards Mother Earth and reverence to the greater power that exists, so to take everyone’s perspectives higher than their day-to-day existence”.




About Spring Equinox & New Beginnings:



“You all don’t need to be planning months in advance all the time. Just allow, allow, allow. Let things unfold. Let things come to you! Let your feminine essence attract what you need.


“Trust you will be provided for. There’s joy to be found in allowing the days to unfold and the magic to happen.


“Yes dream big and visualise your ideal future but then Let the magic happen. The magic happens in the days. In the present. It is a gift. Receive your gift. All is well. And as it should be. Divine timing always”.


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