Spring Equinox, New Moon & Retrogrades Report

March 14, 2018


The Spring Equinox - a time to set our attentions to new beginnings. As the seasons prepare to change, we are involved in a powerful process of personal and planetary renewal.


As you will know from my recent energy updates, there are a huge amount of solar flares and geomagnetic storms due to culminate around the Spring Equinox; regenerating, reviving and reconnecting us back to nature – Mother Nature and our own essential nature.


The soil is being prepared and purified to allow our new seedlings of growth and potential to take root in the best and most nurturing way.


If our soil still needs churning and cleansing, then these Ascension energies will help with that, along with another Full Moon at the end of the month, (the second in March), to help you release all that is stagnant and preventing full bloom.

It can feel like we’re all in the dark at the moment but this is what is needed to allow these seeds to fully develop and thrive – the richness and nutrients of this fresh soil will ensure that they are properly rooted and grounded, so that they may fully flourish when the time comes for the rays of the Sun to take maximum effect.


The environment that these seeds are in must be highly beneficial and supportive during this key transitional period. The Cosmos is aiding this environment, with a number of planetary movements delivering various energies to support rooting and releasing in March.


A New Moon proceeds the Spring Equinox on the 17th March, which is fitting to allow us to start to focus in on what seeds of intention we want to sow for our future existence.


Placed in Pisces, it invites us to submerge into our subconscious to connect with the deepest truth of who we are and acknowledge and heal anything in the way of it. It’s a time for imagining and creating our ideal existence, supporting soul-level shifts to help us realign with the flow of life, our intuition and our true soul essence.


The Cosmos is also lining up two Retrogrades this month, one in Jupiter which has already started and runs through to July and the other in Mercury, which starts on the 23rd March and runs until mid-April.


I will be doing a separate post soon on the effects of these Retrogrades but for now know that these energies are inviting us to reflect, review and revise our visions, ideals and beliefs (Jupiter), communication and connection (Mercury) to allow us to create the best possible future for ourselves.

So there is A LOT going on during this Spring Equinox period! Remember, it’s all about making these energies work for you – understanding what energies the Cosmos is inviting and supporting at any given time and working with that current energy flow as an empowering environment for growth.


This is a fertile time to consider and reconsider your existence. How do you want to be? How do you want to spend your time? How do you want to love? How do you want to exist?


We don’t need to overthink this but instead, just let our natural intuition show us and guide the way forward; allowing things to unfold.


Because being yourself - your true self, your core essence - is actually enough. No bells and whistles. The love and light you embody is enough. Your presence is enough. You are enough. Let your love and light shine brightly beautiful people.






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