Energy Update - Libra Blue Moon

March 30, 2018


Energy Update: Tomorrow’s Full Moon feels quite auspicious. It is a Blue Moon, (the second one within a month) and will be the last Blue Moon until 2020. It is placed within Libra, with a theme of reflecting on relationships – with ourselves and others - and on balancing between the needs of the heart and soul with that of the mind.


Crucially, it also comes after a powerful period of Equinox energies, which have flooded in. These have been taking us to the next level - hugely high-vibrational filled with Platinum waves and Diamond light codes and symbols, (some of you, like me, may have been seeing these), allowing us to raise our light, vibration and consciousness in every part of our mind, body and soul. But also, ensuring it reaches the furthest crevices of our being, so bringing to the surface very deep-rooted stuff that needs to be shifted, so to allow us to fully live our highest potential.


This has been quite a rapid and relentless process – feeling hugely blissful and happy and connecting with a feeling of limitless possibilities and then changing quite rapidly to a deep low and feelings of disconnection and hopelessness.  The more we have to shift, the more the lower energies have come up so we can deeply cleanse and bring ourselves into greater balance. 


This is all showing us the contrasting vibrational states that we are capable of feeling as human beings and asking us to choose the higher states available to us, by addressing and releasing what is holding us back.


Your soul may be asking for you to release situations, jobs, people, beliefs and behaviours on this Full Moon to allow this to happen. Your ego mind may not like this and be trying to hold on tightly and rationalise and diminish your feelings, intuition and longing – this is where the Libra influences of balance can help you.


Visualise the symbol of Libra – the Scales – with one side being the things your head and ego want you to do and the things your heart and soul want you to do. Are the scales in balance? Are they holding the same things? If not, how can you do more to address the balance between the two sides?


Collectively we are reconnecting to many people and energies from our past and our Soul Groups, (those with past lives in Lemuria, Atlantis and Eqypt will particularly be feeling this, as I feel these energies coming in strongly). This is reconnecting us with the paths, purposes and people that our soul needs for the next part of our journey and reactivating any ancient wisdom and gifts from previous lives that we are meant to have.


Any discomfort that we are experiencing is a blessing – it is showing us where we are out of alignment with our soul’s highest path and potential. Showing us what needs healing, clearing, acknowledging or integrating. This is happening to support you in claiming your highest life experience – remove any lesser crowns and take the one that befits you! 


Remember that it is safe for you to change. It is safe for you to let go. It is safe for you to be seen in the way that you want to be seen. It is safe for you to live the life that you want to live. Embrace your true magnificence.


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