Energy Update - Easter

April 6, 2018

There is a period of respite for us all as the intense period of ascension waves subsides.

This break is allowing us to assimilate & integrate these new frequencies & anchor them into to ourselves & Earth.

As we vibrate higher there are energies of Remembrance coming through. What this means to each of us will differ, depending on our level of consciousness & growth.

These can be latent gifts & wisdom within us, our core truth & meaning or insights & energies of past and parallel lifetimes. This #remembering is coming through strongly during this Mercury & Jupiter RE-trograde period.

It’s a time scheduled in the Cosmos to help us RE-view, Re-vise, and RE-member, our values, belief systems & purpose. And handily, how we process our ideas, thoughts & truth, following these Ascension upgrades.

It can feel quite overwhelming, as the level of insights, openings & shifts has been quite profound, incredibly vast or both!

The key is to work with this #retrogradeperiod & allow it to unfold & show itself as it needs to.

How we move forward from 15 April, when Mercury goes direct & how we are able to communicate our truth, is likely to be more refined & reflective of our true soul selves - if we allow ourselves to flow within this phase & allow the magic to happen.

WE are now the next ascension wave. All is well. 

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