Energy Update: April

April 14, 2018


Stepping out of the shadow and into the light.


The time has come. The preparation work has been done. We’ve spent a long time in the dark and confronting our shadow self. The recent ascension waves have been upgrading and activating our very being, offering us light codes to trigger the highest versions of ourselves that we have within the core of our DNA and cells. Bringing to light all that no longer serves us, digging up and uprooting outdated models of behaviour, thought and being. It’s not been easy whatsoever. The level of shifts, openings and insights has been quite profound, incredibly vast or both!


Whilst this has been happening (and those of you will remember March analogy for the seedlings being planted in the dark), we are about to enter the next stage – growth. It’s time for the heat of the sun and the new astro year in Aries to give us a much needed boost of fiery light to get us moving, activate our seedlings, so that we can burst through the darkness of the soil and show ourselves.


As I’ve spoken about before, these ascension waves have not only been helping us to shine a light on our shadow sides but also on our latent gifts and wisdom. Energies of past and parallel lifetimes has been coming in to show us all that we have been and all that we can become.


For some of us this will come as a new level of consciousness, remembering ancient wisdom that has been reactivated to help take us to our desired higher timeline. For others it is a new energy and frequency of being, of wellbeing and outlook to help us create and shape a new higher reality that is more suited to our new vibration.


We are coming into the knowing that we are infinite beings with infinite potential. We are limitless and our reality is limitless. The only one who can limit you, is you.


April really is demanding action. With Mercury now going direct, after allowing us a period of reflection, refinement, revisions and insights on our past (in this lifetime and previous) and our true nature, we now get moving again in terms of how we communicate ourselves to the world.


I’ve been shown that from April 27th, things will really start to accelerate but that we must be co-creators in our new realities – that we must take action. So ensure that you are not only clear in what you want to manifest and bring through in 2018 but also ready to make the moves to make it your reality.


We will move into the energy of Taurus from April 20th – May 21st, which calls on us to use these energies to start building our future and the foundations for our ambitions, in a steady and stable fashion.


There has been some periods of deep rest at the start of April, many of us have had periods of extreme tiredness and deep and long sleeps – this has been the integration period of the new energies, following the upgrade/release and rise period, which was quite chaotic for most of us emotionally.


We finish the month with a Pink Moon, on April 29th at 8.58pm GMT. It derives its name from the blooming flowers of the Moss Pink flower, observed by Northern Native Americans.


It is also called Gaia's Moon from the Farmer's Almanac, referring to all of Nature coming to life after winter. This is a time of celebrating all that has been released from this last cycle season and all that is now coming into bloom.






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