Energy Update: April New Moon in Aries

April 15, 2018


Does it feel like you’ve been in a holding pattern recently? Nothing seeming to work or to happen as it should? A feeling of not being sure where to go next? What your next step should be? Or even what the outcome or your end goal should be?

We’ve all certainly been in a deep time of statis and synthesis, as our own personal polarities, as well as the earth’s magnetic poles have been changing, shifting.


Throughout geological time, these magnetic poles have switched sides – a phenomenon known as a “geomagnetic reversal”.  Scientists believe we’re 20,000 years or so “overdue” for a full reversal, and it’s true that Earth’s magnetic field has been (rapidly) weakening by about 5 percent per decade in recent times – a sign that a reversal is on its way.


This, however, doesn’t mean a flip is “imminent” or “soon” in human lifetimes but subtle changes are happening, which we as sensitive souls can feel and is causing changes in our own systems.


What is being shown on a personal energetic level is any duality that you are carrying and whether it is in your shadow or your light and if it is being integrated within you. This can be why many of us have experienced this phase of paralysis, where fears and doubts and other energies , behaviours and beliefs that are holding us back have come up. And showing for many of us, their causal core root and wound from past lives. This has been a time for acknowledgement and to temper their triggers.


Well things are about to get into gear; speeding and hotting up with the Aries New Moon arriving on Monday 16th April at 2.57am GMT and Mercury now going direct.


We’ve been given time to reflect and relook at these things, being kept in the dark on the next stage of the journey in order to rewind and reflect and revise our path, to ensure that we are happy with our visions, dreams and desires and how we want to live and shine.

The heat and sun are now coming in. A time of new beginnings (and a new astrological year cycle), with new fresh creative energy to propel us forward. This moon is also conjunct Uranus, giving us an added boost of progress, forward-thinking and transformation. It can also deliver the unexpected, so our renewal into our new timelines could deliver some redirection – know that if this happens that it is for your highest soul growth.


Uranus is also about individuality, so coupled with the sign of the self, Aries, we’re getting amplified energy to focus in ourselves, what makes us unique, what makes you, you. It's asking us to stand in the power of our individuality and shine a light on ourselves – bringing the self forward in new and innovative ways. Sudden insights, inspiration, even ideas of genius are possible now. It's as if a light switch is turned on, one you didn't even know was there.


It is also square Pluto, meaning profound transformation is on offer, as you see the ways in which life both disempowers and strengthens you. It won’t necessarily be comfortable but again this is about refining who we are and our sense of self to get to our true nature and better embody our core essence.


For some of us, these cosmic configurations will be the energy boost and next gear that we need to step into the higher visions and timelines.


For some of us, this can be daunting. Fears can arise. If this happens, ask yourself, fear of what? What is holding you back and rooting you to the spot? Can you identify the core wound?

Ask yourself –

  • Are you scared of succeeding?

  • Are you scared of how life might change if you got what you wanted? Is it safer to stay in limbo?

  • Are you scared of being seen? Really seen for who you truly are and what you want to do?

  • Are you scared of being powerful? Of your own power?

  • What would could happen if you stepped into your magnificence?

This Aries energy is great to tap into if you’re feeling the fear. It evokes the energy of our inner warrior, allowing us to confront our fears & do that which scares you most to reclaim your personal power.


Do not allow your soul to suffer from fear and inertia. You are a powerful, infinite soul, capable of limitless possibilities. You shape your reality.


Spend this new moon reflecting or journaling on who you really are and what you want to manifest in your life – how do you want it to look, sound and feel. And how you will look, sound and feel and then know harness the energies within you and around you to fully step into your future.


The cosmos is going to providing the fire power to propel you forward. Break through what is ever holding you back and stride into your magnificence in the way that only you can.






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