Energy Report - Full Moon in Scorpio & Pluto Retrograde

April 26, 2018

Energy Report – Full Moon in Scorpio & Pluto in Retrograde. The current energies are asking, well in fact, demanding further transformation - further commitment and action to let go of all that was, to welcome in all that is to be.


This weekend’s Full Moon is giving each of us an invitation to make space to integrate our future self. To do so, we need to look at what is in the way; what is ready to leave our lives. We can do this with a sense of gratitude - acknowledging the value these experiences, places or people have added to this stage of our lives and understanding that we have now arrived at the next port in our soul’s journey - where new guides and experiences await upon our next adventure.


We are to clear and release what in the way that the snake sheds its skin - all in one piece. Surrender to the process. Trust what your future self wants to create and all that is unfolding in your world - those people who are showing up, those feelings that are arising within you and flow with the cycle of this experience; with the sense of knowing that it will carry you to the next part of your soul’s grand plan.


What appears on your path may not appear to be the gold you seek - at first. Understand that the treasures you desire, often appear in a different form that to what you initially envisage. The key is to be able to see and feel beyond what the ego and rational mind allows. Listen to your heart, for it knows where X marks the spot.


Seek to understand your experiences and not to judge them. How and why have you led yourself to this point? What is your heart and soul trying to show you and bring into your awareness? What is yearning to be born and acted upon?

Pluto in Retrograde is reinforcing this deep transformation from one way of being to another. Pluto’s powers of regeneration are far greater when in retrograde and it imparts an intense motivation for investigation to all aspects of our being - giving us greater insights into our subconscious and what truly drives and motivates us. 

Your higher self is leading the way during this time, helping you release layers of your identity, so to reveal more of your authentic self & who you came here to be. It’s giving you tasters of the people, places, opportunities and experiences that will lead to your highest potential…if you follow the signs.


So, surrender, accept and allow what needs to leave, what needs to evolve and what needs be embraced in your life. The best is yet to come.





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