Energy Report - May

May 1, 2018


As we head into May, the ascension waves and upgrades we’ve been experiencing take a new form. Rather than intensely wiping us out randomly, from what felt like out of nowhere at times, the energies will become more gentle, although more consistent - acting as an on-going refinement, realignment and recalibration support process to our vibration and consciousness.


New light-codes will continue to come in and our own energetic clearances will turn around quicker and quicker – supported by a gorgeous influx of ethereal energy; waves of inspiration and possible realities; opening us up to a deep sense of knowing and understanding of ourselves as infinite, divine beings.


A sense of magic will be a theme of May, as our connection to the creative and collective consciousness strengthens and comes into awareness.


We will have greater access and ability to tap into that sense of awe and wonder that excites our soul and is able to pull down inspiration to make magic happen. As well as experiencing a greater sense and unity with the collective – a greater connection to each other, with greater empathy, love and compassion.


You may also experience more of your Soul group coming into your life and soul mates (romantic and platonic) featuring more in your awareness. Those people that you have an inner resonance with - that Soul energetically resonates with on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. You may find that more of your Soul Group appear to help you with your soul mission and purpose.


As May’s energies help us to grow stronger in our individual selves, and by that I mean our core, authentic selves; the greater our feeling of pure potential and creative connection. A connection to the creative consciousness, where anything and everything is possible and inspired creations wait to be born. 


We experience ourselves through our own creations and that is what our souls are inviting us to focus on - creations that reflect our true selves, our soul’s desire and divine blueprint. Because when we make soul based choices, we tap into the vital life force energy, meaning we step into the flow of manifestation, to create more of the life and reality that we want to experience.


May is not only helping us to dream our dreams and make them bigger, more vibrant, louder and brighter, but also to help us start to make them a reality.


After the jolt of the fire of action in Aries season, we move into the next zodiac sign of Taurus – a time for us to start building the material and manifesting our visions into the physical.


This is further amplified with a New Moon in Taurus, in the middle of May, intensifying the energies and the invitation to start to build the new on firm, focused, steady and stable foundations.


You don’t need to build the whole house at this stage but just put some form of stake in the ground. Even if its just in the form of a word or a picture. Do some sort of grounding of your desires to help the creative process to unfold.


Our spiritual paths at this time, demand that we bridge heaven and earth - keeping our cosmic connection open but grounding our dreams and visions into reality.


You are the powerful creator of your own experience and May is calling on you to co-create with these energies. Claiming and expressing a new level of your true nature. The switch into the zodiac sign of Gemini towards the end of May, will be supportive of this new level of expression, as well as helping us to navigate the two sides of our spiritual being – of heaven and earth. 


The Full Moon in Sagittarius at the end of the month, will again amplify these themes, helping you to break through anything stifling your authentic expression, so you can soar and live out your highest truth & visions.


If you’re still not fully accepting and stepping into your full knowing of yourself as a creative, infinite, powerful and divine being; capable of creating the magic you seek into reality, then it may be that the ego brain is still in the way.  


Ego resistance can show up in many ways but seeks to hold you back from the unknown, so to keep you safe. To keep you playing small. However, the more resistance you feel, the greater transformational potential available to you!


All the ego mind is doing when you’re about to do something new, is sending out warning signals that it doesn’t know the consequences of these new choices & tries to prohibit to keep you safe. Thanks but no thanks ego! Time to get comfortable with it feeling uncomfortable and thank it for the reminder that you are moving out of your comfort zone and growing into your potential. 


From this higher perspective we can see the old truths no longer hold true. Leaving ego, moving to heart and soul. Finding our way back to the light. During May it is important that you allow any old energetic debris that still may be in your system to be triggered to rise up and be released.


Embrace all and any opportunities to do so, acknowledging anything that negatively triggers you as the opportunity to release the cycle and the trigger once and for all and to reveal your light.


After such an intense start to the year energetically and spiritually, these new energies of May provide us with some light and inspiring relief. We are getting a taste of the magic of our higher timelines, our inspirations, creations and soul desires - all wrapped up in with an influx of the luminous energies of optimism and potential.


They are igniting and alchemising the light within you to help you to experience and acknowledge the fullness of your true potential. Your dreams are worthy. You are worthy. You are divine.




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