Energy Report: New Moon & Uranus in Taurus

May 14, 2018


Energy Report: New Moon + Uranus in Taurus. In sound healing, we look to harmonise the natural vibrations and frequencies of the body. We can get so used to hearing a note that we may not realise that it’s actually out of tune. We become so familiar with its sound that we accept that this is the way it must be.


We’re currently undergoing a tune up from the universe. Your Soul is your conductor and is reorganising the song of your life – the arrangement, the key, and the melody, to one more befitting of you.


Tomorrow sees not only a New Moon in Taurus but Uranus moving into Taurus – the planet of change coming into a new zodiac sign for the next 7 years.


It’s giving us a double-whammy of new beginnings around all things that Taurus governs – our physical and material reality and experiences, (including love, money, the environment) – see where Taurus is in your natal chart to get an indication of how this might impact you. (This is of course, also means that we can expect big changes to our planetary environment over the coming years, that forces us to look at our relationship with Mother Earth).


Taurean energy is one of the most stable and secure energies in the zodiac, so is at odds with the change, sudden shifts and surprises that Uranus and a New Moon governs. The big theme for this is bringing is around us getting stable, secure and comfortable with change.


To get grounded in the knowledge that the only thing that remains constant in our life is change. Just like the seasons, things must grow and things must go.


Ask yourself:

  • How comfortable are you with change?

  • Are you prepared to make room and let go so that a new beginning can take place?


It wants us to let change become the environment of which our mindset dwells – the structure of being that we now create and accept for ourselves. If we don’t we can find ourselves in a conflicted battle between clinging on and letting go.


The old energies, the old ways of being aren’t congruent with our future manifestation. Uranus is coming in to shake us up, to shake off the outdated patterns of our past. The New Moon cycle asking us to formulate a vision of experiences that better serve our Divine self-expression moving forward.


So shake it off. Shake it all off. It can feel like the whole world around us is shaking, (and is in dangerously in places like Hawaii). Shaking as Uranus turns. It’s as if we’re on a Power Plate, bringing up all of the sediment of anything we’ve kept buried & bringing up surprising blasts from the pasts that we may have ties to cut with.


We’re being called to stand firm no matter what is shaking around us. Stand firm in ourselves, the light of eternal selves - our power, our wisdom, our knowing and our trust. To stand firm within the light that cannot be shaken from us. The light that never goes out.


Allow yourself to go within to your core, your higher self and higher perspective. To the part that cannot be shaken.


As Rumi said: “Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come”. 









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