Energy Report: Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 28, 2018


Energy Report: Full Moon in Sagittarius - It’s time to share your truth. To yourself & to the world. It’s time to allow the layers of limitation to be shed, so that your true self my shine - that essence that embodies your power, your wisdom, your love & your healing & everything that makes you uniquely you.


The Sagittarius Full Moon is allowing us all to expand our thoughts & minds and see things from a higher soul-level perspective - highlighting any refinements still needed to allow us to further step into our higher timelines & potential.

It wants us to see ourselves in a whole new light - our Soul’s light. The light that never goes out & illuminates the heart. The light of your being, the shine of your spirit.

It’s calling on us to allow our unique expression to be shared with the world. Asking us to explore new aspects of ourselves, our lives & the world - exploring & expanding all of our possibilities & potential paths and visions. Think big!

Dare to dream & accept the truth that you a powerful creator of your reality & are worthy & capable of your achieving dreams.

This Full Moon wants you to get inspired & excited about life - your life in particular - and will be showing you, through contrast, those things that make your heart sing & conversely, the things that dull your shine. Take note of both. For therein lays your truth.

Allow yourself to claim & express a new level of your nature. This current Gemini period is supportive of this, helping us to break through anything stifling our authentic expression - so that we can soar and live out our highest truth & visions.

There’s a useful exercise you can do, in writing your life story in the form of a fairytale - using myths, legends & archetypes, (the language of the soul).

Reflect on your journey, the strength of the central character & then write the next chapter. The chapter you want to experience next.

For you have the power, the power to decide and choose. The power of possibility. For you are your own hero.


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