Energy Report - June

June 4, 2018


Pause. Take a breath. Remember who you are. Who you really are. Who you are when no one is watching. When no one is judging. Or expecting. Or demanding. The true you at your core. Does your outer world reflect this? Do the current plans you are developing reflect this?


June is bringing with it a sacred pause. A pause to help us to reconnect and recalibrate. Much has been done over recent months; helping us dig up and clear the past and envision the future but we’re now being asked to re-enter the here and now and reassess our plans and how and when we take action.


Uranus shifting signs last month, saw the start of some big excavations into our shadow side - dislodging stagnancy in places we’ve been stuck, and perhaps didn’t even realise we were. This was coupled with the wonderful high-vibing blasts of vast possibilities and visions – energy waves of inspiration and imagination; showing us a world of future potentials open to us.

We’ve been starting to think about and lay foundations for the new reality we want to experience. But June is asking that we check those thoughts, that we check that blueprint we’re creating. Are we sure this is the best version of our plan? Are the foundations we’re placing strong enough in their current form? Are we overlooking anything? What are we dismissing?


We may have placed subconscious limitations around ourselves and our plans and not be aware of doing so. June is full of retrogrades and for good reason – we need to review what we are planning and how we are taking action or planning to.


For some of us this can be reviewing how we halt ourselves from putting our plans into action – distracting ourselves or making excuses from ever implementing what we know and what we want to create for ourselves. For others, it’s how we take action, perhaps rushing ahead to our end goal and missing out steps.


And for others it can not be allowing ourselves any rest or enjoyment of the journey and process of creation. Making everything feel like a chore! Allow yourself some time to enjoy your current life whilst bringing in the new, for there’s magic in the here and the now.


It may feel for you that things have been stalling. After a turbulent few months we may be feeling despondent and frustrated that we can’t stride ahead and gain full momentum and the results that we wish.


Pause and drop into yourself and your heart space. How are you truly feeling about your life? What wants to be seen? To be heard? To be acknowledged before action can be taken? The Grand Water Trine at the start of June will have brought up feelings around this. Try to acknowledge them.


Refinement is needed on this current path to clear the way for the magnificence of your expression to truly shine.

How we think and feel about ourselves is the single most influential thing of what we draw into our lives. Without a strong and healthy connection to our inner, true self, it is like sending a ship out to sea without a captain. This is why it is crucial to connect and converse with your inner captain.


Connect with your deep sense of self, love and wisdom. Plot a strong course. Yes, it can be frustrating to still be in the harbour but the path needs to be carefully plotted and your captain strong and clear enough for the adventure.


And where possible, allow space for plans to unfold of their own accord. Sometimes there is an even grander plan awaiting for us - if we just allow some additional time and flexibility within our journey. Allow yourself to enjoy the creative process, like an artist painting their vision and reshaping and refining as they go.


A Gemini new moon arrives on June 13, during Gemini season, squaring Neptune in Pisces to give us the chance to reset how we think and express our feelings about ourselves.


This is giving us the chance to transcend any linear or limited patterns of thinking and expressing; helping us to better merge our spiritual sensitivities and imagination and address where we hold ourselves back with illusions of self and self-expression. No more holding back of your gifts and talents because you can't find the right way to express them. The veils of illusion are coming off so you can stop playing small. 


This theme will be further reinforced when Neptune then goes retrograde on June 18. Our sensitivity and receptivity will be much more acute during this period. We are being given the opportunity to receive more insightful perspectives on our lives and selves. We will better see where we are in illusion. It is easier to ascertain information about issues that have eluded us during this period and to help better set our course forward.


We have the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere on June 21, bringing strong energetic waves of recalibration and light. Lighting up the way forward for many of us in order to begin a new cycle.


Mars is preparing to station retrograde for the first time in 2.5 years, on June 26 - triggering a period of reassessment of our actions, motivations, desires, sexuality and inner divine masculine energies. Mars will join Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in retrograde; further confirming the time for reflection, regrouping and reassessment rather than pushing ahead. A theme that will continue for a couple of months.


We’re being called into greater integration of ourselves, becoming more conscious of our actions and motivations. Why we do what we do? The universe is placing up a great mirror for us to reflect on whether our actions are congruent to our heart’s desires and action plan.


We’re recalibrating our divine feminine and masculine energies and archetypes within us; coming into greater balance and fluidity and allowing the healing we may need within us, to be able to do so. We are meant to possess and embody both energies, so any unhealthy judgements or relationship to our own male or female-ness will be highlighted now for healing.


As will any blocks or denial of elements of ourselves – we are able to reconfigure how our femininity and masculinity interplay and integrate within us and how we use these energies and when. This is a great opportunity for any apparent polarity to be addressed so that greater union, integration and oneness can be achieved, to allow us greater creative power within the world. 


The month ends with a full moon in Capricorn on June 28, allowing us to release and reset our course, as our ambitions and plans are brought back front and centre again. Our drive to succeed and move forward will be coming back in again strongly.


This is with a conjunct to Saturn – the planet of discipline and limitation, checking to see whether we’ve made the course corrections to our actions and action plan.


So take the opportunity within the next few weeks to allow your plans space and time. Space and time to reflect and refine. Space and time to unfold into the dance with the divine.


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