Energy Report: New Moon in Gemini

June 12, 2018


Energy Report - New Moon in Gemini.


How do you talk to yourself? Is it with kindness and love? Or is it with a stern distain? Tomorrow’s new moon in Gemini is all about communication and new ways of communicating – not only with others but, most importantly, with ourselves. 


Our own internal dialogue often gets overlooked, when in fact it should be prioritised – we never talk to anyone more than we speak to ourselves in our own heads. 


Gemini is the most versatile of all the signs, so with both the moon and the zodiac in Gemini, the energies are doubly primed for changes around our mental thoughts and communication. 

What messages and new truths need to be seen, heard, felt or expressed? Are you listening to your higher self? Are you listening to your body? Your emotions? Are they allowed a voice? Are you taking note of what they are trying to tell you? 

Your body, feelings and subconscious are always communicating with us. This moon is giving us the perfect chance to reshape how we listen and speak to ourselves. Do you have an inner punisher? An inner controller? What about an inner nurturer? Inner sage? 


Our left and right brains each have their own unique ‘voice’, reflective of their functions. Spend some time and tune in to see if you can identify their vocal style of communicating with you and what they want to say – many people are surprised at how different they are. 


Becoming conscious of the type of voices you use to talk to yourself, liberates and empowers you to know that you are not your thoughts, nor your feelings and that you have the power to observe yourself, observe your dialogue and patterns of your behaviour. 

Mercury is also entering Cancer at this time. The planet of communication heads into the land of emotion. The eternal battle of our heads vs our hearts. These energies are helping us to allow greater balance and dialogue between these two aspects of ourselves. 

Once we start to listen to all parts of ourselves we can gain greater insight into what the higher self of the soul is trying to communicate with us. A simple exercise to start to listen to yourself in a different way and get an insight into what’s going on with you is to think of a song – the first one that comes to mind. Don’t go looking for it. Relax and allow it to flow into your conscious.

What’s it about? How does it reflect what’s going on for you currently? What’s it trying to tell you or bring to your attention?

It’s also worth paying attention to any songs that come to you when you wake up or as you’re about to fall asleep.

To further reinforce this, the new moon is conjunct the Sun and square Neptune, shining light onto higher perspectives and ways of thinking that we may not have been open to previously. 


Often the voices we use to talk to ourselves aren’t even ours – they are inherited or adopted from others. And they are WAY worse than how we’d ever speak to our loved ones.  Now is the time to start talking to yourself like you do with the ones you love. Because after all, you are worthy of that love too. 


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