Energy Report: July

July 6, 2018


Eclipse season is here. Coupled with retrogrades galore, a Water Grand Trine and Cancer & Leo season, we’re gonna feel the watery emotional energy big time this month! So flow baby flow!


I’ve been shown that July is like draining a swimming pool of stale, stagnant water. No more swimming around in what we think are acceptable emotional waters - the cosmic poolboy is telling us its time to clean out the unhealthy debris floating around.


We have 3 eclipses in a row across July and into August - 12 July, (new moon Cancer), July 27 (Aquarius Full moon) & Aug 11 – these are key gates of fate for us all. This is where doors will open and doors will close. This is a time of flow – flowing with the opening and closing, so that you can walk towards your future & close the doors on the past.


Having three eclipses in a row is no coincidence – the number three symbolizes growth, expansion & abundance on the mental, emotional & spiritual levels & is the number of manifesting and manifestation. So the next 6 weeks are a powerful period for us to bring the change that we wish to see, as long as it is aligned with our soul’s plan.


These eclipses are bringing in fateful opportunities, meetings & connections; bringing shifts for us all into our higher timelines. You will find that you experience greater synchronicities; showing you the people, places and possibilities that you need to embrace. Again follow your intuition and whom or where you are instinctively drawn.


Unexpected situations & expressions of interest (romantic & business) are all coming in too - be open to them. Explore them with an open curiosity, as they may be hidden treasures. 


It’s a super emotional time, so it’s important that you stay grounded within your body and up any meditation, mindfulness or breathwork practices. Get out in to nature and breathe if it all feels too much.


July and August will shift what needs to shift, so trust it. Celebrate it. Adopt an attitude of non-resistance. Taking the word FLOW as your mantra will serve you well across the next 6 weeks. Flow with situations, people, reactions, emotions – anything that you experience or that comes up.


Allow yourself to stay present with the process. Really present. Addressing what comes up, what triggers. No avoidance, dealing with it in a healthy and whole way. Chiron has gone retrograde and is the comet that represents our deepest wound.


It’s already shown me a new insight into my deepest wound – something from my childhood that I’ve worked on for a number of decades but has shined a light on a unique perspective related to a current pattern of my behaviour. The tears have flowed – really flowed - but towards the end they became tears of joy and relief as another layer has peeled away & I’ve released some stagnant energy that I didn’t even realise was there.


Clearing emotional issues & embracing emotional expression are key themes for July. The Sun in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces form a Grand Trine that will be sustained through the first two weeks of July – helping us tune into our emotions and allowing them to flow.


We’re being asked to dive deep into our subconscious – there are supportive waves of soft, higher vibrational energy acting as a flotation aid, so that we don’t drown in our emotions. Become the explorer of your own emotional ocean - clear it up; know that you are held and have the oxygen supply to do so and that when you come up the sun will be shining down upon you.


Relationships & how we relate to others & ourselves will feature prominently. Nurturing is also another theme asking to be held in our awareness – especially around the inner child / inner & outer parent axis.

It helps to see July as a key piece in a puzzle. The puzzle of 2018 - it’s the cosmic adjustment of higher timelines. It’s beginning to change the direction of the tracks of your life onto your higher path.


It might feel like a derailment for some, but it’s simply a redirection on to a better path. For others, it’s an easier transition. Again trust that there may be a better way and outcome than you can plan for or envisage for your journey.

This is what the first half of the year was getting us ready for - the stepping into & embodiment of our soul’s plan & higher timeline. We’ve been raising our vibrations, our consciousness & clearing & releasing old emotions, situations & energies.


This has allowed us to elevate ourselves enough to reach the next higher level of the journey. Karmic cycles of old are being released so our karmic destinies can start to appear.

Our cosmic guides are showing us the way. Like a child going to its first day at nursery, we may not want to let go of what we know, what has been and what is comfortable but we must explore the new and unknown for the next stage of our growth. This is why we’re here - for our soul’s to live their full expression.

July/ August is the energy of breakthrough. Reclaiming ourselves, our core selves, our essence, our power, getting aligned with our soul’s plans & starting to make changes and embracing expression on all levels.

Sept / October is the energy of change & forward momentum; as huge energy waves flow in (especially October). October is the closing cycle of this shift in consciousness and vibration – a lot us are already feeling this.


We will enter a new cycle & time of existence & being, as we stride forward on our new timelines with a greater strength from our experiences. It’s all going to be worth it.

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