Energy Report: New Moon in Sagittarius

December 7, 2018


The final New Moon of 2018 brings with it a fire of purification, positivity & perspective.

Rebirthing us into our Truth, this Moon is helping us to believe again, become more optimistic & see the higher perspective of our experiences, before heading into 2019 – a year of accelerated action.

Like a phoenix rising from the flames, this Sagittarius Moon will aid your rebirth after a year of deep healing & cleansing. It will help provide insights & learnings into your year & see them from a new view point.

Its energy will help us to review & assess the bigger picture of our lives, our heart’s desires & where we want to go next.

Like the archer’s bow of Sagittarius, it is helping us direct our sights & focus our aim on our targets.

It is encouraging us to be expansive, optimistic & philosophical, assisting us on any adjustments, where needed, on our soul’s journey into 2019.

If you’ve been feeling despondent, know that this moon is helping reignite us all, especially our passions & spark for life – if you allow yourself to embrace these energy waves.

We are now being given an invitation & the ignition to take our passions, gifts & dreams into the world; lighting a fire underneath our motivations to help us shine our light even more brightly in the world come 2019.

With Mercury going direct yesterday, it really is going to feel like a smoother ride & that things are starting to move again.

There’s still a little time for Mercury to come fully out of the retrograde zone & we still have the planet of surprise & shake-up, Uranus, retrograde ‪until the 6th January 2019‬, before we have a time completely free of retrogrades.

So it’s a time to nurture your fire & get clear on your intentions for 2019. We experienced a huge amount of inner healings & karmic experiences in a short space of time in 2018-clearing & liberating us for the next stage of our journey.

This pace will continue in 2019 but switching to areas of action & outer expression, to help us create & communicate with more clarity & intention in 2019.

Some of you may experience this Moon’s energies as more of a purification. Helping to burn through any limiting beliefs or fear frequencies that may have become apparent over the last few months. To help you hold more light & a higher vibration.


Or helping to rebalance any anger that may be hanging around inside the body. .

Often anger can be the bodyguard for sadness, which many prefer to suppress but fully feeling any sadness is important to sanctify it & the experience that created it.

December’s passageway is helping to light up any final remaining blocks that need to be released before the new dawn of 2019.

This Moon, the ‪12/12‬ portal, Winter Solstice & Cancer Full Moon are all great opportunities for review, release, reset & rebirth. 

So enjoy this new moon & the inspirations that it brings, for it highlights your magnificence existence & the vast wealth of possibilities that dwell within ⏃











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