Energy Report: 12/12 Portal

December 12, 2018

The 12/12 energy gateway represents completion.


The closing down & completion of a cycle of deep soul healing & into a new one of deep soul expression, which will be a key theme for 2019.

A portal for renewal, it offers us the opportunity for further spiritual purification in these final days of the year.

Bringing in higher dimensional frequencies of light that we can tune into, to help awaken higher dimensions of ourselves ahead of the new year/Winter Solstice.

For us to fully take flight onto our higher paths in 2019, we cannot take old heavy baggage with us.

For the baggage of the past does not match the higher frequencies now present.

These codes of completion are helping us to become aware of & release any deep layers of programming/conditioning, behaviours or hurts that are still holding us back.

This gateway allows us to refine our frequencies & focus our attention on the higher frequencies of our soul’s expression; through its purpose, potential & passions.

Our healing, purification, (& ultimately ascension), is done in a spiral of layers - being revisited until we get to its core charge. Once we arrive at this core energy, can then take the learning & fully release its energetic charge & hold within us.

This is a powerful portal to close the door on the past & everything weighing you down and open up a new one. A new door that contains the higher aspects of you & your future, waiting to be discovered ⏃


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