Energy Report: December

December 1, 2018


Monthly Energy Report: December // Recalibration ⏃


“All that is & all that will be is suspended, as our energy fields & realities are recalibrated.

2018 has been a year of deep releasing, reflections & realisations - and ultimately healing.

Providing a school report on our progress & development & giving us greater awareness to our inner power, possibility, potential & wisdom.”

“As we head into December we move into a liminal space. A time for harmonic balance within our being, before the breakthroughs of 2019.”

“We are currently in the incubation phase. December is cocooning us, so that we go within to reconnect with our hearts & our hearts’ desires.”

“Gaia herself is going through huge vibrational frequency changes.

She acts as a sacred container for every soul on this earth, with each of the elements & elementals holding & supporting each one of us in our human experience.”

“December is the time to strengthen your resolve & to come into your sacred centre, where you experience the patience & trust that everything is working out for your highest good.

It is supporting you to do the inner work, to ensure that the inner world you inhabit is exactly how you want it to be.

By attending to your inner world during winter, you will be on track for the outer world to line up & reflect this back, come the first quarter of 2019.”

“As the nights shorten & we head into the threshold of winter, Gaia encourages us to go within, to nurture ourselves & the light within.

“And to recognise how our light shines even brighter during times of darkness.”

“Drop into nature’s seasonal rhythm of softness, nurture & quiet. And take the time to be in or look out at nature, if it all gets too much.”

“Allow your true nature to shine through, with the fullness of its beauty & its light.”

“So enjoy the final chapter of 2018. It’s a time to dream. A time to contemplate our heart’s desires. A time to believe that anything is possible & achievable.

“A time to imagine our brightest futures & set these as our intentions onto the blank canvas of another new year; waiting for us to weave our magic of creation upon it.” ⏃

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