Energy Report: Winter Solstice 21/12/18

December 18, 2018

We are currently in the midst of an incredibly powerful ascension portal, bringing in huge influxes of diamond + platinum light to help us raise into a 5D vibrational frequency + purify + purge any lower densities holding us back.

Most of us know that this ascension timeline started to activate in 2012, however its taken longer to anchor in due to the freewill of the collective but we are now heading towards a tipping point, thanks to the number awakening within the collective.

I’ve been shown that this particular gateway is linking into the 12-12-12 gateway, (remember linear time is a construct), to help fully anchor + accelerate the ascension timeline into Gaia.

Her ascension into 5D is already resonant with many of us+is starting to show itself on many of the scientific monitoring systems.

These influxes of high frequency light have been flooding in since the 12/12 portal, intensifying through the Winter Solstice gateway, the change of signs of the North + South Nodes, (our karma+dharma), the December Full Moon + the January eclipses – all happening close together.

These waves have been wiping many of us out, making some of us extremely dizzy + fuzzy, with a feeling of being in-between worlds. For others its bringing intense emotional tides or making some of us extremely anxious + fearful.

Know that this is your physical + emotional bodies purifying so that it can vibrate higher.

You can expect flashes of insight, clarity + deep soul truths to come through over the next few weeks/months.

This light is not only getting anchored within us, if we so choose to embrace+embody it, but also within the original 144,000 grid-points across the leylines of the Earth.

The light amplifies the magnetics within Gaia, which helps to pulse the light across the crystalline grid of the planet, expanding+increasing its vibration.

Know that there are 144,000 of us who originally chose to come to Earth to help anchor this light+be the bridge between the worlds.

This is the reason you may increasingly see 144 or 1444, as the crystalline grid is activated more+more.

More+more people are awakening to help with this mission, as we help anchor in New Earth.

I mentioned the Phoenix in my last report + am being guided to highlight its medicine again. The Phoenix is the ultimate symbol of renewal & rebirth. It’s both a fire & solar symbol, symbolising the Sun, which ‘dies’ in each evening, only to be reborn when it rises the next morning.

Something the Winter Solstice also represents. Ancient wisdom tells us that this period, (in the northern hemisphere), was known as Saturnalia – a celebration of light in the domain of darkness; a celebration of the rebirth of the Sun + it’s light into lighter + longer days.

The Solstice + medicine of the Phoenix is helping us to birth a new energy + rebirth ourselves, where lower densities are being burned in the flame of renewal – if you so choose + can be willing to let go of identities, beliefs + vibrational states that you may be attached to.

As we move into this higher dimensional state, we will start to unlock more of our soul’s gifts + purpose. It’s a levelling up to align with the treasures that await.

Therefore, it’s key that you become more aware of the types of mental + emotional choice that you are making.

That’s not to say you’re going to make perfect choices every time but its adopting the witness mindset to bring greater awareness to where you may be making automatic choices, based on old programming/conditioning/belief systems. Your presence is your power.

When you catch yourself making a lower vibrational choice, ask yourself if you want to keep transmitting this frequency or whether you can choose to replace it with a higher frequency thought or feeling.

If you struggle to do this, ask yourself, ‘How does holding onto this belief serve me?” Therein lies the key to making the shift.

So allow yourself to tune into the medicine of the Phoenix + the potentiality of creating new mental + emotional patterns + habits.


In doing so, you create your new potential. You overcome limitations + can shift into a multi-dimensional perspective, with the ability to focus on multiple realities + possibilities at a time.

21/12 is a key code built within us to help us awaken + ascend further into our multi-dimensionality. Our DNA is coded so that we can awaken + remember at specific moments. This is one of those moments.

So tune in + go within to welcome in the light that will help you uncover more of your inner treasures, inner gifts + inner wisdom. ‘Tis the season to vibrate higher ⏃










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