Energy Report: Winter Solstice 21/12

December 21, 2018


Happy Winter Solstice!

I wouldn’t normally do two reports on the same thing but this Solstice gateway has been so powerful - gearing up in pace + dimensions; with more energies becoming available & activating within the collective, in a very short space of time.

And I had a huge & intense download in the small hours last night, (mostly for the Full Moon Report tomorrow), so I’m sharing a mini report/update.

Currently, the Earth is aligned with our own solar sun & galactic central sun, not only bringing a return of the solar light but the golden light frequency of our life force.

When we reattune to the frequency of our life force we strengthen our connection with Source & all of its qualities.

Allowing our own realignment to our original Divine Soul Blueprint & its activation. Also bringing waves of Christ Consciousness to bathe Gaia + humanity in the 5D frequencies of unconditional love & compassion.

These energies of the next Golden Age are starting to become available to anchor in, just as in 2012, if the collective so chooses to help with its foundation building. The future becoming accessible to the present.

This golden light frequency of the galactic central sun is awakening, evolving & strengthening the cosmic connection & mission of Starseeds.

And bringing in another huge wave of awakenings within the collective for 2019.

Snake medicine will be showing itself more to help with more Kundalini awakenings.

More people are feeling called to become healers, explore ancient wisdom + civilisations + develop their inherent intuitive abilities.

We’re moving into a stage of less dogma, more truths. And all of this from the inside out.

With more resonance in the collective of what is true + remembrance of all that was.

It’s an excellent time to use crystals to help with these high frequencies. Their own silica, especially in Quartz Crystals, helps attune the silica within our bodies, which regulates our frequency/vibrations amongst a host of other things.

It is a key player in the building of our lightbodies - moving from a carbon to Crystalline structure as part of our ascension.

This is why crystals have become more & more mainstream, as people both consciously & unconsciously are being drawn to them to help activate more light & raise frequency.

It’s worth noting that new, higher vibrational crystals are now emerging that are helping us to go higher & deeper in consciousness.

Helping us with the quantum leaps of ascension - refining our resonance & opening up more chakra & cosmic connections. (More on that in a blog post in the new year).



For those in the UK, the stargate of Silbury Hill & the area of Avebury are very active at present bringing in a lot of these frequencies & lightcodes.

Silbury Hill carbon-dates to the same era as the Eqyptian pyramids & compares in height & volume.

As well as bringing through the various energies discussed, there is also a birthing of the Goddess / Priestess energy more strongly than ever before.

Particularly strong feelings & remembrance of Avalon for many. Grail lineages are awakening; the Divine Feminine magic returning. (More in the report tomorrow).

These are subtle but profound shifts in the consciousness of the collective. We won’t know things have changed, things will simply just be different.

This doesn’t mean everything is solved & resolved but we are experiencing a significant quantum leap in consciousness for each of us to embrace & embody within our own worlds.

Key message for the collective: ‘Begin Now’⏃











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