Energy Report: Full Moon in Gemini + Cancer

December 22, 2018


What a potent Full Moon is upon us to finish 2018.


Not only is it the longest Full Moon of the year, it is the longest Full Moon of the last eight years - in full view for around 15 hours + 32 mins.


Not only that but it arrives at zero degrees – the zero still point of the centre of the universe, holding infinite energy, infinite possibilities + new beginnings – the ultimate renewal opportunity from the cosmos.


And, it will bridge two signs, giving it an even wider + more potent influence. It will become full in the mental/air sign of Gemini before heading into the emotional/water sign of Cancer for the rest of its full phase. (And it’s worth noting that we only have a Full Moon in her home sign of Cancer once a year, so again its extra special).


With the energies of two signs within this one powerful Moon, it is shining a light on the merging + integration of energies within us – specifically the Divine Masculine + the Divine Feminine, which Gemini + Cancer represent respectively.


Illuminating these energies within us + asking us to balance, harmonise + unify them; embracing the duality within us, to enable us to shine our light more fully out into the world + bring more healing within + without.


For many of us, this will involve the liberation, greater expression (Gemini) + greater healing (Cancer) of the Divine Feminine. This is highlighted with the Full Moon being square to Chiron – highlighting the wounds + repression of the divine feminine, across all lifetimes.


Many of you may be experiencing vivid dreams or experiencing past life recall to experiences that may contain wounded aspects of the Divine Feminine energies of your soul asking for retrieval.


As I mentioned in my latest Winter Solstice energy report, there is a rebirthing of the Priestess + Goddess energies currently. A strengthening + increasing of their frequencies + presence becoming available to us to help reawaken lost memories, magic + suppressed energies. Helping us access more of our multi-dimensional nature + gifts.


More of the Priestesses of Avalon + ancient Greece are awakening + activating their power. A reclaiming of sovereignty. A rebirthing of the 5D energies of unconditional love and compassion.


In particular, the energies of Lemuria returning more strongly as we take a step closer to a 5D reality. This ancient civilization contained the purest expression of the Divine Feminine + Divine Mother energies.


These energies are providing a healing balm to any wounds related to the Mother, feminine lineage or feminine/Mother within. Many of us who are in incarnation now, came in with the intention of being lineage breakers - healers for the ancestral line and our own karmic past.


These are subtle but profound energy shifts within the Divine Feminine energies. Compounded by the move of the Nodes into the era of Cancer for the next two years..This Moon is providing the ultimate reset + recalibration for our mental + emotional bodies - helping us to process + purify the last 12 months worth of experiences, to clear the way for more higher dimensional living in 2019.


So allow yourself to flow with any feelings of sadness, anger, fear, grief etc + know that they are passing through for release..The Moon is opposite the Sun + Saturn in Capricorn, meaning it’s time to get serious + real about our mental + emotional patterns; understanding that we are ultimately responsible for how we think + feel; how we express ourselves + how we nurture, care + support ourselves moving forward.


Cancer is associated with the past + Gemini with progression, so this is the perfect time for some deep reflection of 2018 + its lessons to help you progress positively into the new year.


Our soul missions are evolving + more of our soul gifts are coming online as we access further dimensional aspects of ourselves, integrate more aspects of soul + karmic cycles close down.


This Moon’s influences will be helping you call in more of your Soul Family for to support you on the next stage of your journey, as you continue to evolve.


Polarity, duality + separation allow us to know specific aspects of our self but we are never meant to finish there. The next evolutionary stage has always been to bring those parts back into integration, unity + wholeness once seen + understood.


This Moon is a powerful 5D window to move closer to wholeness – to purifying, process, accept + unite with all aspects of yourself + others. For in embodying the whole, you embody Source. Your source. Your light.


So enjoy the lighting of tonight’s sky in the longest Full Moon in eight years. It’s no coincidence that it is taking place just after the longest night of Winter Solstice - for it is showing us that even in the darkest of times, the light will always prevail ⏃


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