Energy Report: 2019 + January // Creative Self-Expression + Accelerated Actualisation //

January 2, 2019


So here we go, here’s where we level up, level up! 2019 is a year of accelerated self-expression and actualisation. A stepping up and stepping out of our being, as we creatively express more aspects of our multi-dimensional selves, gifts and abilities.


We experienced the deep clearing and closing out of karmic cycles in 2018 – a realignment of our true essence, our vibrational core to ensure that we keep on course for our highest timelines.


This meant a lot of inner work – tending to old wounds, hurts and limiting beliefs and conditioning. Clearing out all that doesn’t resonate with our authentic self. And all that is no longer needed on the next stage of our journey.


As we become stronger and more experienced on our ascension journey, we step into greater mastery of ourselves. 2019 will provide an acceleration of this. As we become more practiced and experienced in becoming free of the past, so to transcend into realising more of our hopes and dreams.


2019 provides the next stage of our journey. This continuous mastery of self allows for the vibrational alignment and embodiment of who we truly are at our core being – expressing the very Source of our being and enabling us to live our highest truth and reality.


Through this we attract those very things resonating within our heart and soul, as we live in greater resonance and alignment with the universe.


A universal 3 year in numerology, 2019 is when pure creative self-expression is not only encouraged but is energetically supported and accelerated. So if you feel compelled to write that book, take up drawing or painting, dance more, take acting or photography classes, learn a new instrument or any other form of creative expression, please follow that feeling.


There is an enchantment that creative expression holds, that we experience through its process, which connects us to our authentic self.


2019 will see creative expression as your new currency. Full expressions of who you are at your core. So allow yourself to fully express your beautiful, authentic self to the world, knowing that it will be embraced and celebrated. And this will inspire others to do the same.


Express yourself in whatever way/s work for you – for this is your uniqueness. We must express our creativity energy outwards, for the creative life forces are the very fabric of this world that we live in.


In embracing this, we embrace the ability to become fully realised in our being. And we experience joy. Pure joy.


The creative process and creative life force is a potent reminder of our own power. Our own power to co-create in physical form. To take something from our consciousness and make it made into matter.


The very human experience, as we ground our heart’s desires from the higher dimensions into the 3D world. And the greatest of reminders that we are the bridge for heaven on earth. That we are both human and divine.


The 3 year is a cosmic signal to embrace life and all that it has to offer. After a year of contraction for inner clearing + frequency maintenance work; it’s now time for the expansion of our beings and thus, our outer world.


For us to tune into our heart and soul and the creative power of life, so to weave our frequency into the tapestry of life and align it with our true desires.


2019 offers a levelling up of the collective – if we all remain upon the current trajectory. Whilst there are many celestial markers in 2019, I am being shown that there is a potential jump in timelines available to humanity come March / April if consciousness continues to expand + hearts continue to open and purify in the blessed way that they have been doing.


As always, this is a potential if the collective so will it to be so and more people continue the awakening and ascension process that is happening for them consciously and unconsciously – whichever their higher selves deem most fitting.


Like a Phoenix rising from the flames, after burning down and ashes of 2018, 2019 is here with the forward movement and progression in our rebirth.


The Phoenix and Dragon energy, the ying and the yang, will come together in greater alchemic resonance in 2019, following the intense purification we have all experienced, especially in the later months of 2018.


Those higher vibrational frequencies swept through any stuck lower debris + energies using any means necessary to refine the frequencies as we saw out 2018. Redirecting us if we had come off our soul’s true path. An initiation by fire and/or water at times – purging, purging, purging our emotional and mental bodies. Breaking through any false containers of self, using the flame of transmutation.


This meant that only your true essence could live through it - rebirthing you into your core, authentic self and frequency. We are still coming through this rebirthing stage and the energies – notably from the 12/12 gateway until the 11/1 gateway and then again at the Super Blood Wolf Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 21/1.


Disorientation, drowsiness, dizziness and feeling in between worlds being the common themes and symptoms of experiencing these energies currently. (The energies are also showing that the 11/11 gateway will also be extremely significant later this year).


This rebirth process is about pure release and becoming. Releasing into expansion. To move forward on your soul’s journey and ascension path you must release who you once were and what you once did. The things that served you then and not the things that will serve you now. For the next destination requires new customs, new behaviours and ways of being.


It’s a potent time to birth new projects, birthing a new age of being for each of us and in unity. It’s a time for self sacrifice to be properly replaced with self-care and self-love. It’s a time of less doing and more being. Slower living to allow our accelerated actualisation. Actualisation into our higher self, our multi-dimensional aspects, our full and true being.


We are moving into a time when our polarities are coming together in truth. It is our creative fields that hold the zero degree point of Source creation, that allow the integration of dualities.


2019 offers more opportunities to evolve and expand your consciousness, to awaken + activate more of your lightbody and readjust your electromagnetic circuits and crystalline nature. 


For when you bring your full light of awareness into your shadow aspects, you allow for greater integration of your being – expanding the essence of who you are.  Reclaiming your power, turning your light back up in the places where it has been dimmed. Retrieving and reclaiming your magic. 


There is the potential for the great alchemical marriage of the divine feminine and divine masculine on the planet this year - merging and balancing into the expanded essence of not only the individual but the collective.


The great dragon ley line of southern England, the St Michael and St Mary Earth ley line are already very active, igniting these energies and possibilities from the heart chakra of Gaia in Glastonbury. Those also called to dragons/dragon energy and the elementals will find closer communion if they seek it so.  


Not only is the heart chakra currently more active than usual, so are the sacred sites of Mount Shasta (and Sedona) and Tibet. The base chakra and crown chakra of Gaia, respectively. 


These three sites of the base chakra, crown chakra and heart chakra are illuminated to show how the heart is bridging the upper and lower chakras for greater integration and on a greater scale how we are bridging the higher and lower dimensional worlds, as we allow more of our being to unfold.


The emergence and awakening of the Sisterhood of the Rose lineage and timeline is becoming more accessible and will become stronger in its frequency during 2019. The highest aspects of divine feminine energy and goddess energy becoming more strongly available to be remembered, reclaimed and reactivated within more of the collective.


Anchoring truth, manifesting more of heaven on earth, more of the 5D qualities of unconditional love and compassion. The Lunar North Nodal change into Cancer assisting in this – (more on this later in the report).


This 3 year is also one of the Trinity. The greater alignment of mind, body and soul.  However you interpret the Trinity, expect it to be amplified. Whilst many of us have had to endure trials and tribulations over the years, it is a reminder that joy is always available to us, if we allow ourselves to tune into its frequency.


2019 is a time of the great unveiling. I speak not of what this means exactly, as for each of you it will resonate with a subtle difference and it is this subtle difference that you are guided to contemplate these words. This meaning is already embedded within the ones resonating with them, waiting to be discovered.



As Above, So Below – Cosmic Movements, Celestial Messages


Much is taking place cosmically in 2019, right from the off, meaning that we can expect a very eventful and interesting year, as the cosmos now moves us forward on our timelines.


Eclipse season starts straight away in January with a Partial Solar New Moon Eclipse on the 5th and a Lunar Full Moon Eclipse in Leo on 21st – a Super Blood Wolf Moon nonetheless.


Eclipses are divine change makers. They help to fast track us on our soul’s path and signal a new stage of our journey and a change in chapters.


The solar eclipse on the 5th starts the new Capricorn and Cancer eclipse cycle, reflective of the new change of the Lunar Nodes into these signs from the Leo-Aquarius axis. This eclipse will give us our first flavour of this.


The Capricorn Partial Solar New Moon Eclipse is an excellent eclipse to be starting or growing a business or project - especially one that has involves creative or artistic expression. With dedication, integrity and structure you will be able to make good progress with this project.


This eclipse lies between Saturn and Pluto giving it the potential to have a very serious and sombre feel – however, the strongest aspect to the eclipse is a sextile to Neptune, which helps to lighten the mood. The single strongest influence on the solar eclipse is with the fixed star Vega, part of the Lyra Constellation.


This is a hugely positive influence, bringing energies of optimism, as well as creative and poetic influences. The energies and influence of a New Moon usually lasts for around 4 weeks but a solar eclipse’s influence lasts around 6 months, so make the most of harnessing these energies.


The Leo-Aquarius eclipse axis will finally close down on January 21st, with its final eclipse, which completes the energetic cycle of changes that were made across the summer - so expect some final healing / purification / realignment on any theme that came up for you during this time.


This is another full moon at zero degrees – reflecting new beginnings and infinite possibilities and potential. A chance to reset and rewrite your future. The zero point of our blueprint, where we are at one with the universe and creation and unite with Source.


This will be third in five consecutive full moons at zero degrees – the cosmos signalling a time of rebirth and creation.


This particular Full Moon – the Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse - is opposite Mercury and square Uranus. This can signal unexpected and surprising events and news. So expect the unexpected. Changes may cause you to feel nervous but remain calm and be the observer of experiences.


Emotions will be running high and people are many people are likely to feel the erratic and unpredictable energy, with mood swings or impulsive reactions and communications. Again, take a deep breath.


Sudden and unexpected opportunities are also possible at this time, especially around Leo themes such as creativity, love and romance. The feeling of ‘right place, right time’ may be experienced.


Changes of heart should also be expected, as we desire more freedom and liberation and become restless with anything that is constricting us. Remember, eclipses are divine change makers and accelerators.


We will experience four more eclipses after the ones in January, continuing the Cancer/Capricorn axis cycle. These being:


  • July 2nd – New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer

  • July 16th – Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

  • December 26th – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn


We will experience the full shift of the Lunar Node shift to Cancer-Capricorn in 2019, which will help rebalance Divine Order over the next 18-24 months. Bringing the polarities of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine into greater balance and integration and equal influence across the world.


Rebalancing and reframing our relationship to life and what’s important – moving us from a culture of work, work, work and money to more of a focus on family and our emotional life and health.


No more self-sacrificing our health for wealth. Giving us new reference points for the word abundance. Both signs share the themes of safety and security but by different means – hard-work and discipline and emotional and family, which will again but realigned over the next two years.


The Lunar Nodes are referred to as the ‘Nodes of Fate’ – the North Node represents our destiny and what the future holds for us, while the South Node, lessons you’ve learnt in the past, karma and comfort zones needing to be transcended.


The Moon’s South Node, associated with karmic lessons, will move across Capricorn, the sign of business, finance, power structures such as the patriarchy, with big changes expected in these areas to rebalance dynamics, privilege and fairness. Just as 2018 saw big collapses of internal and personal structures and ways of being, so you can expect 2019 to echo these changes externally within the collective reality.


The North Node will move through Cancer, bringing in a time of greater focus on our emotions - understanding emotions and a greater emphasis and value on being emotionally intelligent, with how we express/share/understand our feelings, becoming more prevalent in society.


As will a sense of family/ancestral concerns. Not only from an individual point of view but collectively moving us into a feeling space of more unity and oneness. Whatever makes us feel at home with ourselves, will be of increasing importance over this period. Including of home on Gaia. Home is most definitely where the heart is and is the greatest guide to coming home to yourself.


In terms of retrogrades, Uranus will station direct on January 6th 2019 in Aries after five months of being retrograde. During these five months, the cosmic rebel’s liberating and unpredictable energy turned inward, pushing us to rebel against what isn’t for our highest good.


Now direct, we will outwardly be living our personal revolution. It will change signs into Taurus on March 6th for a seven-year stint, where it is expected to make seismic changes in the area of finance, property and even food access. Ushering in a new era that will reshape how we live. Both personal and collective revolutions are possible during this period.


When Uranus stations direct, we will have no retrogrades until March – hoorah! Then Mercury will go retrograde – the first of three in 2019. These are 5th-28th March, 7th-31st July, 31st October – 20th November.


There will be no retrograde of Venus and Mars in 2019. The other planets will be retrograde, one or more times. Saturn will retrograde from 30th April – 18th September in its home sign of Capricorn, putting our long-term responsibilities, commitments, work ethics + personal structures/routines under review for deep renewal. 


Jupiter will retrograde from 10th April – 11th August across it’s home sign of Sagittarius and then Scorpio, asking us to take a deeper look into our beliefs, visions and philosophies on life.


Neptune goes retrograde from 21st June – 27th November in its home sign of Pisces, asking us to review how we relate spiritually and to the spiritual realms and stripping away any false realities or illusions that we may be carrying.


And finally, Pluto retrogrades from 24th April – 3rd October in Capricorn, focusing on our relationships to the systems and structures in society that hold power over us and bringing personal transformations to these dynamics of power.  Again personal and collective revolutions are possible.


With so many planets retrograding in their home sign and with the North Node in Cancer – the sign of the home/roots/family – there is a strong energetic theme in 2019 of returning home. You can expect that this will be further excavation and alignment work to help us return back home to our core selves, as well as our individual and more traditional collective definitions of ‘home’.


We also have Chiron going direct in Aries on 18 February unto 2027. This nine-year stint will help us to heal our ego and sense of self. Aligning and actualising our identity with our authentic self  - our personality with our soul – aiding self-realisation and actualisation of our core being. Helping us to understand our uniqueness as an individual and our oneness within the collective.


Having us contemplate and transcend ‘Who Am I’ into ‘Who I Am”.  Bringing in action, will and fire and reclaiming our power. Providing an inner strength to stand in all that we are and all that we express to the world. Brining us a year of forward movement. A journey of greater understanding, acceptance and expression of ourselves and who we are at our core.


So, there are a lot of celestial movements and happenings across 2019!  The key is always to flow with them and trust that they are for your highest good.


An important thing to remember, should any overwhelm appear for any of you across 2019, where suddenly everything happens at once - this indicates that timelines are merging.


Karen Neverland talks of this and of it being that threads of multiple timelines are being ‘sewn up’ into one – gathering all of the fragments we need and pulling them into one timeline, whilst letting go of the rest.


It can feel exhausting but remember that you are not expected to do more than you can do. Just keep flowing and allow yourself to move forward and not get stuck. Always try to remain in love and trust in the face of any changes an allow yourself to move through them with ease and grace.


This can be your renaissance period if you so choose. You can become the artist of your life, painting onto its canvas, all of your heart’s desires.


You are on this Earth to experience your unique expression within the oneness through your creations and experiences.


So, be seen. Be heard. Be felt. Be expressive. Be you. Be fully you. The world is ready for all of you.


Wishing you all the most magical, graceful, loving, abundant + joyful 2019! ⏃

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