Energy Report Special: Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 20/21 January 2019

January 19, 2019


We are on the precipice of two timelines. Where everything we have been working through in the last 2.5 years has been leading to. Are you ready to leave the old? Now is the time. A line in the sand will be drawn over the next 6 months – are you ready to step over the threshold?


You have a right to choose again, a right to live a life you absolutely love in every aspect + not just settle or be limited by what has been. Instead focusing on all that can be. All that will be. All that you are.


No more can we allow ourselves to be captured in a prison of our emotional & mental insecurities. This now a time of sovereignty, of fearlessness, of freedom, of light.


The powerful Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse is the last eclipse in the Leo-Aquarius axis, closing down an important karmic eclipse cycle in the collective that began in July 2016. It is also the last total lunar eclipse until May 2021 + an eclipse that will have influence over the next 6 months.


Themes of reclaiming + stepping into your power have been strong. We have been asked to release societal conditioning + realise our unique individuality.


Realise + embody our gifts, our talents, our creativity. A breakaway from following the crowd into true authenticity. Asking us be our true selves, live our truth + redefine society to allow the beauty of our individualisation to shine within the oneness.


We’re moving into a time where the society we live in is being reshaped as more of us speak, live and show our truth – especially to regards the Divine Feminine/Wild Woman/Wise Woman archetypes. De-armouring ourselves from where the distortions of society have held us back from shining our light + stepping out in the spotlight of showing who we truly are. Reclaiming our voice, to speak our truth out loud to the world, in a loving, heartfelt roar.


This axis has not only been about addressing the balance of the distortions between the individual + society but also within the heart + head axis.


Emotional wounds within the heart have appeared over this cycle as we’ve been releasing hurts + hurts with a specific family focus. Fear within the heart space has been triggered for release, to allow more of the frequency of love to be held within the heart space.


In times of change, the ego goes into overdrive – trying to protect us by staying in our comfort zone, which it knows keeps us safe. So as more fear arises around change, know that you are closer to a breakthrough.


In individually opening up our heart chakras, including our higher heart, we influence the collective + help to create a shift within humanity. We each become clearer channels to the divine – with more + more synchronicities.


With heightened sensitivity to the universal life force energies, more understanding of the cosmic messages + energies within the collective consciousness, as we all move towards greater oneness + wholeness.


The next 6 months are about embodying all that you are + stepping out into the world to live your truth. Its time to step onto your higher path. Time to commit to your heart’s desires. A time to blaze a trail, light that fire within + reclaim yourself as the creative + powerful being that you are – sharing your creativity with the world.


Those who have done a lot of inner work over the past 2.5+ years will find these changes easier to navigate – there may still be areas that need refining, so emotional triggers are still showing themselves to help us move into higher octaves of being.


This is why it is currently feeling like a bit of a rollercoaster of energies at the moment - one moment you can feel down + low as insecurities + fears are triggered. Then as soon as they have been acknowledged, a divine synchronicity will take place or an opportunity that you have been hoping for magically shows up.


Dragon energy is more strongly available during this time to help purify fears into liquid light. Music + crystals are also being felt more strongly + are aiding frequency mastery.


This eclipse is also influencing our electro-magnetic circuitry – a type of energetic rewiring. This may be showing up as aches and pains for some, as lower frequencies are being moved out of the systems + repatterning taking place. There can be sudden huge + intense releasing in our emotional + mental bodies. Followed by huge waves of peace + optimism.


Our electro-magnetic fields contain our subtle emotional, mental, astral + spiritual bodies. As Gaia’s own magnetic poles are shifting + realigning, so too are ours. These reversals in our fields are attracting reversals in fortunes.


As our personal magnetic fields are changing + aligning with the cosmos, so is our ability to magnetise, attract + manifest. And the speed of which we can do so is accelerating. Therefore, intention + pure clarity of high vibrational + loving thoughts + feelings are key.


Time is accelerating + shortening as the worlds + dimensions become closer. More people will be experiencing shifts in their reality + awakenings. Understanding + awareness of our matrix fields + the Merkaba will increase over the year, as more people access their multi-dimensional nature, astral travel + commune with the universe + ascended masters.


All chakras are very active as this time as they are triggered to release + upgrade – this is why much is being processed during dream state. We are also experiencing a golden gateway of 12D Christ/Kryst energy – available for us to tune into + anchor within.


This eclipse has a challenging square with Uranus – which can bring unexpected or sudden, or changes + opportunities. Your intuition is your guide on how to handle/navigate them.


Things may feel more chaotic at this time + change can trigger a lot of anxiety in people, so it’s important to stay calm + grounded. Breathwork, meditation + nature will be your allies.


It can feel like you’re walking between two worlds at the moment, as two realities as reconfigure around us + within us. A lunar eclipse focuses in on your emotional world. How you feel about your life, your intimate relationships + family + place in the world. Emotions are heightened at this time, as our feelings of being unsettled.


Mercury is also square Uranus. Again surprising news + changes to plans may happen. Don’t set anything in stone just yet – allow things to flow + observe.


And just hours after the eclipse, there will be an incredible conjunction of Jupiter + Venus, which will appear as a double star due to their close meeting + sharing the same ascension.


Some say that the star of Bethlehem was actually Venus + Jupiter conjunct. The brilliant light from our brightest planets is a stunning cosmic message of the return of light.


Signalling a new dawn – humanity’s expansion + growth into a new era of love, harmony + compassion. The wheel of fortune is turning for the better.


A celestial review of our progress. We are awakening. We are breaking through. We are returning to love. We are ascending. This is ascension ⏃


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