Soul Session

Want to connect to your core self? Want to live more fully, with more passion, be more authentic and in alignment with your soul’s truth? Want to dip your toe into your exploring own personal and spiritual development? Well a Soul Session is for you.

Together, I will help you explore and learn ways for you to enhance your life, empower yourself and transform the way you are feeling and your experiences.

A Soul Session is dedicated and tailored to you and your needs. The session starts with an exploratory conversation into your current experiences, thoughts and feelings. This is then followed by a soul oracle reading to help gain a deeper understanding in what is happening and what your soul wants you to know.

From here you will then receive an intuitive blend of tools, techniques and teachings are selected to help you move forward in the most positive and aligned way. These can include coaching exercises, NLP, energy healing and empowerment or guided meditations and visualisations.

The session completes with a closing conversation involving beneficial guidance, which can be related to career and life plans, energy management, behavioural patterns, authentic living, mindfulness practices, affirmations and mantras, visualisations or other empowerment tools.

Private Session (75 Mins)  - £70

Soul Reading only (30 Mins) - £30

Soul Reading only (60 Mins) - £50

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