Workplace Wellbeing

For the creative marketing industries

Creating an environment and culture where employees can thrive and do their best work, is a key priority for successful, leading creative marketing agencies.

Having a happier, healthier and more enduring workforce is more important than ever in an increasingly demanding and competitive marketplace.

The Facts:

Workplace stress & poor mental accounts for:

  • 35% of all work related ill health cases*

  • 43% of all working days lost to ill health*

  • Between £33-42 billion a year in costs to employers**

  • 300,000 people leaving their jobs per year**

* Labour Force Survey 2015

** Thriving At Work Government Report 2017

Progressive, leading media and marketing agencies are built on their unique talent pool. Preventing burn-out is a crucial people strategy needed at the heart of every agency organisation, as well as creating an environment that prioritises employees’ wellbeing and allows them to thrive. 

Alchemise believes the wellbeing of employees is an essential and fundamental feature of successful creative marketing agencies. We can help agencies to empower and nurture employees, so both employers and employees can experience the best of each other.

See below for more information on our Workplace Wellbeing Curation service.


Stress is found to be prevalent within service industries - especially amongst media and marketing professionals. 

The always-on, fast-paced culture, coupled with increasingly demanding workloads and client expectations all contributes to heighten levels of stress - and in some cases, burnout. 

NABS data shows a growing number of creative professionals are seeking help & support for dealing with workplace stress:

  • Calls to NABS for emotional support increased by 67% from 2015-2016
  • Calls increased again by 37% in the first half of 2016

  • 52% of professionals believe that stress is seen as a weakness

Workplace Wellbeing Curation

Alchemise offers a Workplace Wellbeing Curation service, covering: 

  • Individual Wellbeing Sessions - e.g Meditation, Sound Baths, Yoga

  • Away Day Experiences & Retreats - for Employees and/or Management

  • Wellbeing Programmes - Monthly or Annual

  • Guidelines and Toolkits

Workplace Wellbeing Benefits for Employers: Motivates and rewards, improved employee focus and productivity, boost morale and creates a happier workplace culture, reduces costs related to absenteeism, increase staff retention and loyalty, demonstrates commitment towards your team's health and wellbeing. 

Workplace Wellbeing Benefits for Employees: Relieves stress and tension, reduces the risk of anxiety and burnout, alleviates mental fatigue, improves focus, energy and mental clarity.

Curious? We'd love to discuss your agency and employee needs with you. 

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